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17 October 2014

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Tuesday, 1 September, 2000-2100

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Charlie received some surprise visitors.
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  • Charlie
  • Amber
  • Hayley
  • Gordon

Jenny was impressed when she took a sneaky peak at Charlie's writing. However, Charlie was less than pleased and told his sister to stop snooping. Jenny tried to talk Charlie into showing his work to people… and tell their parents about dropping out of University. He said that wasn't an option right now but when parents, Alan and Lesley, stopped by for a surprise visit, his hand was forced. Bracing himself for the worst, Charlie broke the news that he's dropped out.

As he predicted, his father was furious and lectured Charlie about how hard he and Lesley have worked to give him the best opportunities in life. Charlie tried to explain to his stunned parents that he's not dropped out because he's lazy or ungrateful, but his words fell on deaf, and very angry, ears. Realising that her brother was about to be railroaded back to University by their parents, Jenny, trying to help, explained that Charlie's working hard at becoming a writer.

Alan was livid but Charlie couldn't face a confrontation and walked out. Alan went after Charlie, leaving an awkward Jenny and Lesley in the Oyster where Lesley confessed the reason Alan is so angry is because he had dreams of his own that he gave up for his family.

Meanwhile, Alan caught up with Charlie and the two had a massive row. Alan tried to encourage Charlie to think practically and responsibly but Charlie refused to let his dream go. Alan pushed Charlie to the point that the truth finally emerged – he couldn't admit to dropping out because he knew how disappointed his father would be. Charlie eventually managed to get his dad to listen to him, and convinced him that he plans to make a serious go of writing his novel.

When Charlie apologised for letting him down but said he won't be returning to Uni, Alan knew he'd lost the battle and can't face losing his son too. He might not be happy about it, but he agreed to stand back and let Charlie make his own decisions.

Following Ewan's previous comments about Stuart, Amber questioned Daniel about the drug dealing. Daniel gave Amber his honest opinion – he's certain Stuart is innocent and must have been set up. Although she found it hard to admit to herself, Amber sensed the truth and begged Daniel to help her see Stuart. Daniel agreed to try and talk Stuart into seeing Amber.

Meanwhile, Lydia began to realise the full repercussions of making Lenny go straight when he was unable to help her out of the financial crisis at Hola. Lenny suggested he does one more deal to get them out of the mess they are in and, although Lydia initially refused, she eventually realised it's their best chance to clear their debts and start a new life. Lenny set about trying to contact Gilchrist; Ewan pointed out that Lenny may claim that this is 'one last deal' but really he's loving it.

Gilchrist turned up at the house unexpectedly and Amber immediately deduced that Lenny has gone back to his old ways. To make things worse, Daniel returned from his visit to Stuart and told a gutted Amber that Stuart doesn't want to see her. An angry Amber blamed Lenny for everything. When Daniel asked her what she's going to do about it, it's clear from her expression that her family has betrayed her for the last time.

When Gordon realised that Hayley is upset by the constant rowing at her parents' house he suggested she gets her own place, but an upset Hayley explained there is no way she can afford it. Gordon tipped Hayley off about a national salon product competition in the hope that it will cheer her up. But Robbie made it clear that the luxury holiday prize will be his. The two friends declared war and set about their selling campaigns on the streets of Shieldinch.

Things looked good for Hayley until the sales rep for the shampoo company gave some very bad news… there is a major fault with the product, causing burning scalps and hair loss! Hayley and Robbie frantically collected all the bottles they'd sold and managed to avert disaster. But Hayley was left gutted that she's no chance of a holiday now, and no break from the rows at home. That was until Gordon told her that he's rented the flat above the Deli as a tax dodge and offered to sublet it. When a delighted Hayley accepted, Robbie immediately stepped forward and offered his services as a flatmate.

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