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17 October 2014

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Tuesday, 25 August, 2000-2100

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Joe and Marianne
Marianne wasn't happy that Joe had been left in charge of the boxing club.
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  • Joe and Marianne
  • Daniel
  • Jenny
  • Michael

When Daniel headed to London for a meeting with a youth charity he enlisted Joe's help to look after the centre while he was away.

Marianne was annoyed when she found out Joe left the gym unattended, and alarm bells started to ring when she found an empty whisky lid on the desk in the office. Joe started taking nips of whiskey when Marianne's back was turned, and then surreptitiously added more than a wee dram to a carton of milk he was drinking from.

Kevin and Rib, two of the lads in the gym clearly had a problem with each other, and Marianne advised Joe to sort things out between them. But Joe did nothing, and when the trouble between the lads escalated he suggested they got in the ring together. A worried Marianne tried to persuade them to discuss things instead, but Joe insisted he knew what he was doing and so the lads got their boxing gloves on.

As a horrified Marianne watched them fight she began to get absorbed by what was going on in spite of herself, but then things turned nasty and Rib started fighting dirty. Kevin who was clearly the better boxer unleashed a vicious combination of punches and floored Rib with a powerful hook. Both boys were injured in the punch up, and as Marianne looked after them it transpired that while Kevin was an experienced boxer, Rib had never been in the ring before.

Marianne couldn't believe Joe allowed them to get in the ring together, and while she was confronting him he spilled the milk carton containing the whiskey. An angry Marianne realised immediately what was going on.

Joe confided in her that since he had retired he had developed a drinking problem, and Marianne softened as she listened to him. As Marianne and Joe spoke honestly with each other, it looked like they were beginning to understand one another. Joe agreed to give up drinking on one condition...

And Daniel's jaw dropped when he returned to the boxing club and found Marianne fully kitted and sparring in the ring with Joe!

Eileen was getting fed up with the demands of being a local councillor and decided to give herself the day off to got some pampering at the salon, where Jack made it clear to her he had not decided yet if she was a good councillor or a bad one.

Scarlett commenced battle with Innes and Charlie when they all decided they want to use the wash house for storage. Scarlett insisted she had the right to use the space as she had been living there longer, but Innes and Charlie had managed to get in first. When Scarlett accidentally broke some of Innes belongings, he decided to phone the police.

So, just as Eileen began relaxing into her pampering treatment in the salon Scarlett burst in, and demanded her help. Eileen stepped up to the plate, and solved the problem by suggesting they put up some shelves so that there would be room for everyone's belongings. She even offered to go and buy them herself and pay for them using council funds.

While Eileen went to buy the shelves Scarlett and Innes headed for the pub, leaving Eileen on her own, putting up shelves and lugging boxes while they had a few drinks. When Jack saw Eileen working away he was clearly impressed, and when he began to help her it looked like the two enemies might be becoming friends.

Jenny was not getting along well with Charlie, and he had no sympathy for her when she was panicking about an essay she had to hand in. When she spotted Michael in the pub she grabbed her chance and asked if she could borrow some books from him – but Michael wasn't comfortable around her and tried to put her off.

Jenny didn't take no for an answer and followed him out of the pub, giving him no choice but to take her home so she could pick up the books. Michael was incredibly uncomfortable with Jenny in his house, and tried to get her to leave as quickly as possible, but she was fascinated by his collection of books and began to look through all the literature he had suggested for her.

As he watched her, Michael slowly became transfixed and eventually got to the point where he couldn't even hear what she was saying. Unaware of the imminent danger she was in, Jenny took a call from Charlie who apologised for being horrible to her and she agreed to meet him for a drink. She kept chatting to Michael as she got ready to leave, until he couldn't take it any more and moved towards an unsuspecting Jenny.

At the last minute Jenny swung round to face Michael, managing to spill hot coffee over him, and so, shocked and scalded he retreated. Jenny left the house totally oblivious to the close encounter she had just had with 'the attacker'.

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