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3 November 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

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Monarch of the Glen
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Series 6 Episode 6
Isobel and Paul Isobel's farm is under threat and she's behind on her rent. A bearded tramp turns up at the farm, and Isobel takes pity on him, insisting that Paul take him back to Glenbogle. Their efforts to uncover the man's identity draw a blank - he claims he can't remember anything, even his name. Paul is suspicious of the stranger, who's prescribed rest by the doctor. However, Molly takes pity on him, christens him Liam and offers to feed him up

Golly is finding it difficult to tell Molly about his relationship with Meg. Awkwardness ensues when Molly barges in on a romantic dinner for two. Isobel's day is brightened by the arrival of her good friend, and old boss, Kelly from Edinburgh. Ewan is immediately smitten. Donald and Liam hit it off, but Donald is enraged when Liam points out that there is not one picture or photo of Donald in Glenbogle. When confronted, Molly admits that after his brother left, Hector had all the pictures of him taken down and destroyed. Donald is devastated.

Paul decides to help Liam recover his memory. Liam's conversations suggest he's had experience of life on an estate but he claims not to remember anything. Meg is furious when she catches Molly discussing her with a well-known local gossip. It transpires that Liam seems to be helping everyone with their problems; Molly, Paul, Donald and Ewan all benefit from his advice. Kelly asks Isobel to join her as a partner in her business. Isobel is sorely tempted, and Kelly insists she join Ewan and her at dinner to celebrate. Ewan's romantic dreams are dashed when he sees Kelly's flirting in action.

After some research Paul learns that Liam's tweed jacket belongs to an estate on the West Coast. Liam confesses - he used to be a laird, but his estate went bankrupt and he fell out with his family. Since then he has lived a nomadic life and his family have presumed he is dead. Golly gathers Molly, Jess and Meg together and tells them how important each of them are to him. He asks them to stop bickering. He also informs Jess that he's going away on holiday with Meg and that he wants her to look after the estate in his absence. Jess is thrilled. Molly takes Liam's advice, and builds bridges with Donald. She retrieves all the photos and paintings of Donald which she hid in the attic years before. Donald is finally at peace.

Paul takes Liam's advice too and convinces Isobel to stay and make a go of the farm. Kelly's disappointed but finds solace in a goodbye snog with a delighted Ewan. Liam sets off from Glenbogle one morning, leaving Donald convinced that Liam was some sort of messenger, sent to help them all. It turns out that Liam too found comfort at Glenbogle and he returns home for an emotional reunion. Paul and Isobel celebrate her decision to stay with some champagne. In the heat of the moment they share a spontaneous kiss.
Series 6 Episode 7
Paul and Isobel Jess finds her ghillie skills tested when she finds evidence of poachers. Paul suggests they work with Stuart, a local ghillie, to uncover the criminals. It becomes crystal clear to Jess that sexist attitudes abound about the presence of a female ghillie on the estate. Paul and Isobel are confused after their kiss. Frostiness descends when Isobel flies off the handle about a comment Paul makes.

Meanwhile, the path of true love is running rather more smoothly for Golly and Meg, on holiday on the West Coast. Jess and Stuart's attempt to catch the poachers is thwarted by rash interference from Ewan and Donald. When Paul and Jess visit a neighbouring estate to warn them about the poachers, they meet Lucy, who has just moved in. There is an instant spark between Lucy and Paul. Later, she invites Paul to a drinks party and he introduces her to some neighbours. Awkwardness ensues when Paul introduces Lucy to Isobel at the farm.

Meg gets offered a job abroad. She's tempted but reluctant to leave Glenbogle. Tension arises when Golly admits that a globe-trotting existence is not for him. As the poaching continues, Jess finds Stuart patrolling the estate with a loaded gun. She's enraged by this breach of ghillie etiquette. Donald too is determined to catch the poachers and tries to expose them using unconventional methods. Lucy hosts a drinks party to celebrate her arrival in the neighbourhood and she invites Isobel and Paul. Lucy is delighted by the laird's arrival and the two of them hit it off, much to Isobel's annoyance.

There's an unexpected arrival at the party; Chester, a self-made poultry millionaire and Lucy's boss, storms in. Isobel's jealousy leads to her having too much to drink, flirting with Chester and sniping at Paul. Then she sees Paul and Lucy kiss and feels much worse. Jess has a breakthrough in her pursuit of the poachers. She finds similarities between the poachers' bullets and those used by Stuart. With Paul's help, she lays a trap for the poachers. Together they catch the locals responsible, including a shame-faced Stuart.

Golly returns to find all is well at home and is very proud of Jess. Meg decides not to take the dancing job and to stay with Golly. A hungover Isobel comes to Glenbogle to apologise to Paul and to accept his offer to go into business together. However, the green-eyed monster is reawakened in Isobel when everyone teases Paul about his 'new girlfriend' Lucy.
Series 6 Episode 8
Lexie and Duncan Donald is thrilled to bump into an old flame, but Moira MacIvor is distressed to see him after so many years. They were due to elope together but Donald stood her up under pressure from his father. Now, Donald is keen to rekindle their romance in their autumn years. Paul and Lucy get to know each other, while Chester's determined to woo Isobel. Paul and Chester clash over their aspirations for Isobel's chutney business. Isobel is left with the choice - a modest operation with Paul or a more ambitious project with Chester. Ewan runs a competition on Rob Roy Radio to find Jess a date.

Meg is down about the lack of attendance at her dance classes. Golly rallies his local friends to sign up for the classes. Donald forges Paul's signature to get his hands on a bank loan so he can elope with Moira. Paul and Lucy go out for dinner and bump into Isobel and Chester. They men disagree about Isobel's business plans again and Chester proposes a challenge - whoever wins the clay pigeon shooting competition wins a share of the business. However, Chester discovers that Paul's an ex-army man, so he arranges for an Olympic marksman to compete for him against Golly, whom Paul has chosen.

Jess is furious when she discovers that Ewan has offered her as a prize on his radio show. Ewan manages to convince her that he's found a dashing candidate and Jess finally agrees to a blind date. Meanwhile, Lucy is very keen on Paul and she probes Isobel for details about him. Isobel hides her feelings for Paul. The village's ladies turn up for the dance classes, but Meg discovers it's due to Golly's influence. She's annoyed and feels indebted to him. Moira agrees to run away with Donald and arranges to meet him at her old farm. When he goes there he finds the farm is derelict. Moira has taken revenge by leading him on.

Paul discovers about the loan and manages to intercept Moira before she leaves. Moira and Donald part as friends, having settled their old scores. Meg decides she can't stay in Glenbogle without her independence so she leaves. As a result, Golly is late for the clay pigeon shoot and it looks as though Chester will win by default. However, Golly arrives just in time and defeats the Olympic champion, much to Isobel's delight. She and Paul keep the chutney enterprise modest and local. Having found out about Meg's departure, Jess abandons her blind date and stays at home to keep her dad company.
Series 6 Episode 9
Paul and Lucy Ewan gives his dad a birthday surprise when he delivers his present in person. He gets a shock when he meets his father with another woman. Devastated, he hits the pub. Chester gets a flash new car in the hope of impressing Isobel, but he's annoyed when he discovers it has a rattle. When he probes Lucy for information on Isobel, Lucy points out that Isobel favours men with simple tastes. Chester's determined to woo her, so when he gets given a courtesy car by the garage he's delighted when it's a battered old jeep.

Lucy is stressed out by a visit from her overbearing parents, so Paul offers to entertain then at Glenbogle. Isobel jumps to the conclusion that Paul and Lucy are planning to get married when she spots Lucy in a bridal shop and learns that Paul is meeting Lucy's parents. Jess is puzzled by Golly's behaviour - he is out all hours and being elusive. When she discovers her dad's bed hasn't been slept in, Jess confronts him about his mysterious behaviour. Golly doesn't take kindly to her accusations that he's being promiscuous. As Ewan drowns his sorrows in the pub he forgets all about his arrangement to cook for Lucy's parents. At the house, Donald saves the day by rustling up a last-minute feast for the Colonel and his wife.

Paul faces the third degree from Lucy's dad who did some investigating into his military career. Lucy admits to Paul that she misled her parents by hinting that she was thinking of marriage, just to get them off her back. Chester asks Isobel out. A green-eyed Isobel agrees to a date only when Chester mentions that Paul and Lucy are dining with her parents again. Ewan is shocked to learn that his mother knew all about his dad's infidelity, and that they have been living separate lives. His parents reveal they are getting divorced. Reeling, Ewan meets his mates from the garage who decide to take Chester's flash vehicle out for a spin. PC Callum pulls the lads over for speeding, and Ewan's friends flee, leaving him to be taken to the station. When Donald breaks his curfew to drive to town and pick Ewan up, he ends up in the cell too.

Paul visits Isobel and they find Lucy's horse in distress. Together they do their best to treat the horse, and as a result Paul fails to show for dinner with Lucy and her parents. This confirms the Colonel's bad opinion of him. Paul and Isobel come close to admitting their feelings when Paul reveals that he and Lucy aren't getting married after all. They are interrupted by Lucy's arrival at the stables Meanwhile, Jess has followed Golly and discovered that he's been trying to track Meg down by visiting her friends around the country. Golly's come to the conclusion that it's over with him and Meg. Chester doesn't press charges against Ewan and Donald. Ewan takes Paul and Donald's advice and tells his parents he's accepted their decision to divorce. Paul apologises to Lucy for missing dinner and Lucy finally stands up to her domineering father, who's rather taken aback but impressed at her spirit. The Colonel welcomes Paul to the family, but he's torn about his feelings for Isobel.
Series 6 Episode 10
Paul Paul is preparing for his official coronation as laird of the MacDonald clan. Lucy's unsure about Paul's relationship with Isobel. Chester continues to fiercely pursue Isobel, so he secretively organises getting her lots of orders for her chutney. On her return from New Zealand, Molly is devastated when her luggage is lost, including a precious snapshot of her and Jamie. Jess is shocked when she sees Meg back in Glenbogle. Meg tells her she wants to patch things up with Golly.

The clan elder, Proctor Sheila MacDonald, makes the startling revelation that, as the only surviving legitimate MacDonald male, it is Donald who is the rightful laird, and not Paul. Donald accepts the role, and Paul is furious. With the ensuing arguments over the title, Molly feels alienated from the residents of the house. She goes into self-imposed exile in a summerhouse in the garden. When Lucy finds out about the situation with Paul no longer being laird, she sees an opportunity to get Paul away from Glenbogle, and Isobel, forever. Meanwhile, Meg goes to see Golly, but he's very cold and distant. Donald goes on a power trip as reigning laird. He manages to antagonise the tenants of the estate by introducing a ridiculous tax. Paul can take it no more and he formally challenges Donald to the title.

The first part of the Laird's Challenge is a race with heavy weights. Donald nominates a bodybuilder friend called Shirley to take part on his behalf, and with the help of some dirty tricks, Paul loses the race. The test of Clan knowledge is the next big challenge. Chester and Lucy want Paul out of the way for different reasons, so they sneakily get the answers to the test from the Proctor and pass them onto Donald. Donald's victory means Paul's challenge is over. Ewan uncovers Donald's cheating ways and tells the Proctor. When challenged about his cheating, a power-crazy Donald locks the Proctor and Ewan in the cellar. Molly realises she can't stay out of the family's affairs forever when Meg comes to see her and confesses she's pregnant. Molly makes Golly see sense and encourages him to go and see Meg. She also comes up with a plan for Paul to overthrow Donald as laird.

Paul's coup is a success, Donald is deposed as laird, and the others all declaim Paul as the rightful laird. Donald confesses that his intention all along was to make Paul see that he was born to assume the title. Lucy tells Paul her reasons for helping Donald cheat. They split up when Lucy admits that she can't compete with Paul's feelings for Isobel. When Golly decides to talk to Meg and stop her leaving again, he is thrilled to discover she is pregnant. They decide to a make a go of their relationship. Paul's coronation as laird goes ahead smoothly, but he is annoyed by Isobel's absence. When he sees her passing by out for a jog, he's miffed. Having finally decided she's the one he wants, he goes chasing after her…
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