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29 October 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

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Series 6 Episode 1
Molly Paul sets to work with his plans to modernise the estate. He clashes with Golly over estate traditions, especially when he spoils the ancient ceremony of the loch blessing. When Lexie arrives home from New Zealand unexpectedly, where she's living with Archie, Paul suspects all is not well with her and her husband. Lexie meanwhile, asks Duncan if he'd like to join her and Archie in New Zealand. Paul manages to annoy Isobel Anderson, a young woman who's arrived from Edinburgh to manage her grandmother's farm. She takes Paul to task over the estate's decision to sign over the farm to another tenant farmer. Isobel complains that farmer Reavey has been wrecking the land. When Paul questions Reavey about Isobel's complaint, he agrees with the affable farmer that Isobel is just a jumped-up city girl.

Molly is horrified to discover that someone has been stealing wild orchids from the estate and sets a trap for the thief. She and Jess only succeed in snaring Duncan who's preoccupied with trying to ask Jess if she'll go to New Zealand with him. Highland Radio Authority officer Parker is hoping to catch the person behind the new pirate radio station Rob Roy Radio. He suspects Ewan, but fails to catch him in the act. Lexie admits to Paul that she and Archie have been having problems; she's returned to Glenbogle to think things through. A freak storm forces them to take shelter in an abandoned bothy. They share an intimate moment before Isobel walks in on them.

On returning home, Paul notices that some of Isobels's trees have been damaged, and he begins to share Isobel's suspicions about Reavey. Molly exposes Reavey's son as the orchid thief, so Paul decides to confront the farmer. However, Reavey has teamed up with Parker who has traced the pirate radio signal to Glenbogle House. They discover Ewan illegally broadcasting from his room, and Reavey tries to blackmail Paul. Paul will sign over Isobel's land to Reavey in exchange for him not pressing charges against the pirate broadcaster. Ewan and Paul cunningly trick Reavey into admitting to his environmentally unsound methods live on air. Duncan tries to find the words to propose to Jess, but she pre-empts him by admitting that she's not looking for big commitments. Duncan is downhearted but decides to remain at Glenbogle. Lexie too has decided to spend more time at home. Paul is thrilled, but aware of the strength of his feelings for her.
Series 6 Episode 2
Donald Donald MacDonald, Hector's long-lost younger brother, wheels up at the house for the first time in forty years. The black sheep of the family, Donald has been sent home by the police to be supervised by his estranged family. A frosty atmosphere between Molly and Donald is all too clear. Lexie busies herself with organising a reluctant Molly's 60th birthday party. Molly pleads with Lexie to cancel the party, so Lexie fills her time with helping out on estate affairs. Golly persuades Paul to explain to Lexie that as laird he has to make the decisions on his own. Paul alienates Isobel by cancelling her contract to supply the house with farmhouse produce.

Isobel and Jess have a girlie night in, so Duncan declares he'll be hitting the pub with some of the village lads. However, he finds that his village chums have all left home and moved on. He ends up spending a dry evening at The Ghillie's Rest with his last remaining school pal, 'Speccy' Duff. Intent on escaping, Donald persuades Lexie to organise a surprise celebration for Molly. Paul swallows his pride and asks Isobel to provide the catering for Molly's guests. Meanwhile, Duncan discovers that Speccy has made a fortune designing software. It seems like Duncan is the one underachiever among his peers. Jess reminds him she loves him for who he is.

Molly is thrilled with her surprise party. Taking advantage of the party as a distraction, Donald makes a bid for freedom in one of the guest's cars. He writes off the car on the driveway and is caught by Paul, who makes his uncle promise not to escape again. As the party winds down, Paul and Lexie reflect on the last few days. Lexie is still undecided about returning to Archie in New Zealand but she's happy to leave Paul running the estate. In an intimate moment they kiss, spotted by Molly from a distance.
Series 6 Episode 3
Paul and Lexie It's crunch time for Lexie and Paul as they confront the consequences of their kiss. Paul tries to discuss it with Lexie, but she's evasive, throwing herself into packing for her return trip to New Zealand and to Archie. Lexie knows she should be with Archie. As does Molly, who subtly encourages Lexie to return to her husband.

Meanwhile, Ewan's mum Ros tries to entice Ewan into moving back home by bribing him with a new car. Ros reveals to Lexie that she's missing her son. Lexie persuades her that it might be time to let Ewan go. Ros reluctantly concedes. An encounter with an old school teacher reminds Duncan of his potential as a youngster. Pondering the possibilities of the future, Duncan decides he wants to try to be a DJ. Following an accident, a reluctant Ewan has no choice but to let Duncan stand in on Rob Roy Radio. Duncan takes to broadcasting like a duck to water. The whole glen is talking about his show. Despite her misgivings about the possibility of losing Duncan, Jess gets Isobel to send a recording of Duncan's show to a producer in Edinburgh.

Lexie's heart to heart with Ros causes her to rethink her plans to leave. Realising that her heart is in Glenbogle she approaches Paul to discuss the possibility of staying. Isobel interrupts their discussion to tell Paul of her discovery. Some old love letters have turned up hidden in an old car in her barn. Paul is shocked to learn that they're between Molly and Donald. It's revealed that Donald was in love with his brother's wife and tried to tempt Molly away. However, Molly refused and Donald did the decent thing and left. Paul and Lexie finally realise why Molly was so opposed to Donald's return.

The radio producer was impressed by Duncan's recording but he did not have any immediate job offers. He encouraged Duncan to get in touch when he had more experience. Duncan's interest is fuelled when his old teacher leaves him a gift: an advertisement looking for DJs to work in hospital radio. Realising this could be his chance for a future, Duncan takes off in secret the next morning, leaving a loving farewell recording for Jess. He manages to say goodbye to his old friend Golly before heading away towards Edinburgh. Hearing Donald and Molly's story prompts Paul to make sure Lexie leaves for New Zealand - despite his feelings for her. Lexie realises that Paul is right; it's time for her to go. Meanwhile, Paul has arranged for Lexie to leave Glenbogle in style - on an old fashioned steam train. Heartbroken, he waves her off at the station as the rest of the family wish her luck in her new life.
Series 6 Episode 4
Paul and Jaynie Ewan and Donald uncover the wreck of a WW2 German fighter plane in the loch when on a fishing expedition. The army turn up to retrieve the plane and Paul is pleased to recognise Alex, an army friend, who's in charge of the investigation. Isobel, Golly, Molly and Donald are disturbed by the emergence of the plane.They all know that the local butcher, Irvine Taylor, was pilot of the plane. As his goddaughter, Isobel's determined to protect Irvine's identity, and they conspire to hide the truth from Paul for fear of his loyalty to Alex.

Molly finds herself getting short of breath when cycling. Heading up a hill one day, she collapses. Golly rescues her and persuades her to see the doctor. Jess is in need of cheering up after Duncan's departure, so Ewan persuades her to come to the pub. An altercation with new barmaid Zoe, who Ewan fancies, fails to improve her spirits. Ewan suggests they enter an upcoming karaoke contest and Jess agrees.

Alex knows that there was a British double agent on the plane, as well as the pilot. He's convinced the pilot died in the crash during the war, and that the spy was sheltered by the local community. A local reporter is on the trail of the story too. Paul does some detective work and follows Donald, who inadvertently leads him to Irvine's shop. He learns about the conspiracy of silence he's been excluded from, and Isobel challenges him; do Paul's loyalties lie with Alex or the community? Paul doesn't betray Irvine to Alex. Ewan forgets about his arrangement to sing with Jess, and agrees to sing with Zoe at the karaoke night. A disappointed Jess puts a brave face on it when Ewan tells her he's now duetting with Zoe.

Molly's disheartened when she's diagnosed with a heart condition, but she pretends to Golly that all well. A chance remark from the doctor leads to Golly confronting her for the truth about her health. When Molly reveals the diagnosis and expresses her fears about having an operation, Golly puts her mind at rest; it's a simple procedure and nothing to worry about. Isobel decides to take drastic action. She gets Donald and Ewan to create a diversion and she tries to sink the resurrected plane. Isobel's caught by Paul, so she asks him to choose who he's with - the army or Glenbogle. Paul agrees to help her, but they are caught by a furious Alex.

Irvine reveals the truth to everyone: as Irwin Schneider, he was the German plane's pilot. It was attempting to drop off a British spy, who was killed in the crash. After bailing out, Irvine hid in the woods where he found an injured small boy. The child was Donald, who had run away and hurt himself. Irvine brought the child to Glenbogle House and, as a reward for saving Donald's life, he was spared arrest. He went to work on Isobel's grandmother's farm. The community kept him hidden, and he started a butcher's business after the war. Paul convinces Alex and the reporter to allow Irvine's true identity to remain hidden. Alex is disillusioned with the army and Paul suggests he stays at Glenbogle for a while. The whole village turns out for the karaoke evening. Ewan summons Jess up to the mic to sing with him, instead of a furious Zoe. Irvine and Donald return the plane to the depths.
Series 6 Episode 5
Meg and Golly Paul's old army officer, Alex, settles in at Glenbogle, taking it easy after quitting the army. Alex believes that Paul should be less democratic with the estate's staff. When a Forestry Commission representative tells Paul that, due to an oversight, Glenbogle's grant is at risk, Alex steps in. He suggests to Paul that he take over the day-to-day running of the estate as factor. Feeling indebted to Alex, Paul agrees to his friend's proposal. Ewan and Jess are less enthusiastic about the new employee however, after he introduces a strict work rota.

An old mechanic friend of Donald's, wee Jackie MacIntyre, comes to Glenbogle for his stag do. Donald's anticipating a return to boy behaviour with his old pal Jackie. He's dismayed to learn that most of his old chums are dead or suffering health problems in their old age. Donald tries to ignite some naughtiness in Jackie by showing him cinefilms of their racing days. Isobel turns her hand to creating organic homemade food at the local market.

Golly meets Meg, a dance teacher new to Glenbogle, at the market. Jess senses an attraction and tries to leave Golly and Meg alone when they run into each other at the pub. Later, she sets up a romantic picnic for Meg and Golly despite her dad's reluctance to admit that there might be a chance of romance. Alex decides the best solution to the forestry grant problem is to plant trees on the land near Isobel's farm. Paul is dismayed as he's already promised the land to Isobel. Alex convinces him that tough decisions need to be made for the good of the estate.

Jess's matchmaking backfires and Golly is furious at her for setting him and Meg up on a date. Isobel's organic burger enterprise proves a disaster. Donald's intervention in Isobel's catering plight leads to him getting into trouble with the police. Jackie is furious at Donald's mischievous behaviour. He accuses Donald of avoiding life; his words hurt Donald deeply. Despite Paul's reservations, Alex authorises the conversion of Isobel's farmland to forest.

Following her disastrous day at the market, Isobel thanks Alex for being on her side and they share a kiss. Paul discovers what Alex has authorised and he turns up at Isobel's farm to confront his friend. Isobel's furious at Paul's betrayal and Alex is told that there's no place for him at Glenbogle. Alex accepts this decision; he tells Paul that he's a better leader of men than he realises.

Donald rediscovers his fighting spirit with Jackie when they go hell for leather on the go-karts. Golly confesses to Jess that he's scared to open himself up to a new relationship after getting burned by Molly, but he admits to being keen on Meg. Meg makes him dance a sword dance as an apology for running away from the picnic and they kiss.
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