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29 October 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

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Monarch of the Glen
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Series 5 Episode 6
Archie Molly is angry that Andrew has shunned her since returning from their weekend away. After dodging his calls, she is confronted by Andrew who explains that he has come to a big decision - he asks for Molly's hand in marriage. The arrival of Molly's daughter Lizzie and grand-daughter Martha proves a welcome distraction.
Paul and Archie manage separately to convince Jess and Duncan to accept the Head Ranger job. Having become friends, Duncan and Jess turn the job down out of loyalty to one another, and Paul and Archie end up in conflict. After a heartfelt analysis of their relationship, Paul offers to leave Glenbogle. Lexie encourages a frustrated Archie to give his relationship with Paul one last try and Archie asks him to give the partnership another go.

An emotional Lizzie tells Archie that s she has a plan to radically shake up her life. Lizzie reveals that she received a letter from Hector before he died describing a mountain in Nepal that Hector climbed in his youth. She proposes to Archie that they climb the mountain together - for their father, for their brother Jamie, but most of all for themselves. Archie is torn but explains that he can't leave Glenbogle.

Golly explains his deep feelings for Molly to Archie. When Golly reveals that he plans to propose to Molly, Archie gives Golly his blessing and advises him to be swift. Golly arrives at the house to ask for Molly's hand only to discover that she has just accepted Andrew's marriage proposal. The family celebrate the good news but Golly is left heartbroken. Archie toasts the happy couple and announces that he, Lizzie and Lexie will be away for six months climbing Hector's beloved mountain. Lexie, however, refuses as she feels the quest is for Archie and Lizzie alone. She decides to stay behind and run the estate, so Archie asks Paul to stay and help her until his return.

Lexie confronts Archie, when she suspects that he has no intention of returning as Laird. Archie tells her that he has come to the conclusion that he and Paul can't run Glenbogle together. He promises Lexie that when he returns from Nepal they'll start a new life together.Archie and Lexie share a tearful farewell. A heartbroken Lexie doesn't waste any time in letting Paul know that he will be working for her, not with her…
Series 5 Episode 7
Molly Lexie is determined to run the estate the way Archie would have wanted it, and leaves Paul feeling redundant by taking on all the estate responsibilities. Lexie takes Archie's seat on the board of the Lagganmore distillery, which faces financial ruin. The young director, Amanda McLeish, wants to make changes, but she clashes with Gregor, the conversative head distiller. The MacDonalds have the casting vote and Lexie asks for more time. Paul tours the distillery and meets Amanda. Following a date, Paul casts the MacDonald vote in favour of Amanda's proposed changes, much to Lexie's fury.

Meanwhile, Molly and Andrew's relationship steps up a pace when he moves into the big house. A broken-hearted Golly warns Molly that Andrew may prove untrustworthy, but she refuses to listen. Golly finds solace in a bottle of whisky. Meanwhile, Jess and Duncan are getting along famously until her college friend Guy arrives. Jess puts Guy up in Andrew's cottage for a couple of days when she discovers Golly drunk at home. However, Guy makes himself at home a little too much and invites a host of friends up for a party. Jess is concerned about Andrew's cottage and, when she tries to ask Guy to leave, he makes a pass at her.

Lexie is vindicated when the distillery workers strike and the business is threatened with closure. Paul and Lexie declare a truce and collaborate on a solution. They successfully convince Amanda and Gregor to make Lagganmore a working tourist attraction, by using the strategies and contacts gleaned from Archie's reinvention of Glenbogle. With a little help from Golly, Duncan cunningly evicts the troublesome Guy from Andrew's cottage.

Thanks to Jess, Golly uncovers proof that Andrew has a history of fleecing rich widows. He confronts Andrew about it, who confesses but explains that he is in truly in love with Molly. Golly forces him to come clean to Molly. On hearing of Andrew's past, a heartbroken Molly breaks off their engagement.
Series 5 Episode 8
Dorothy, Molly, Lexie and Golly Lexie discovers that Dorothy has annexed the island in the middle of the loch for a t'ai chi retreat. Golly and Lexie sabotage the retreat, and win back the island. However, they find themselves marooned on the island with a furious Dorothy. Meanwhile, Molly is trying to put her break up with Andrew behind her. In a bid for solitude she heads for the island, to find Lexie, Golly and Dorothy there. Dorothy scuttles the boat in her haste to escape leaving them all marooned.

Lexie's attempt to install a household rota leaves Paul struggling with the domestic chores. When Jess hints that she has her eye on someone, Lexie assumes that Jess has a crush on Paul, and winds him up accordingly. An uncomfortable Paul begins to suspect that Jess has the hots for him, but a bemused Jess puts him straight. Meanwhile, Hermione has taken to stalking Duncan to convince him of their romantic suitability. Duncan confides in Jess about his strife with his old flame. Jess has, in fact, got her eye on Duncan, and the green-eyed monster rears its head when Jess suspects Hermione and Duncan are back together.

Andrew decides to leave Glenbogle and he enlists Ewan to help with the packing in exchange for a lift south. Ewan is keen to escape having got revenge on Dorothy, who caused him to lose his job. Duncan forces Andrew and Ewan's van off the road, as he tried to flee from a crazed Hermione. Paul rescues the van and convinces Andrew and Ewan to stay and confront their problems.

Back at the island, the marooned foursome are getting desperate as night draws in, and they try to contact the mainland. Andrew spots the signals and makes a dramatic boat rescue with the aid of Paul. They save Lexie and Molly just as their makeshift raft is threatening to sink. Molly and Andrew finally say goodbye and part as friends. Duncan solves his stalking problem with a little help from Jess, who "pretends" to kiss him in full view of Hermione in order to discourage her. Hermione admits defeat, but warns Jess that Duncan will leave her heartbroken. The domestic dispute is solved when the decision is made to employ Ewan as the cook
Series 5 Episode 9
Molly, Golly and Lexie

Lexie is determined to ensure that her first solo clan gathering as the lady laird of Glenbogle is a success. She hires a documentary crew to cover the event, so she can market a commemorative video of the weekend. However, the filmmaker Mike Baxter proves to be rather shambolic. The arrival of Charles MacDonald exacerbates Lexie's problems. Charles is sneakily looking for opportunities to undermine the Glenbogle event, so he can host the event at his castle. Charles takes offence at the presence of a bottle of Lagganmore whisky. The Lagganmore distillery is owned by the Clan McLeish, and Charles informs Lexie that the MacDonald clan has been feuding with the McLeish clan for almost four hundred years. Meanwhile, Paul and Amanda are growing closer. When the recently bereaved Amanda asks if she can scatter her father's ashes by the estate loch, Paul agrees. Lexie is hesitant due to the clan feud, but she reluctantly agrees, with the condition that Amanda's ceremony is conducted in secret.

Jess invites Duncan to the croft for a romantic dinner. Duncan is distracted by the arrival of Jess' new washing machine and spends the evening in vain trying to plumb it in. The next morning they 'nearly kiss' but the moment is interrupted by Molly. Later, Jess takes the initiative and kisses him. They are discovered by Golly, who later confides to Molly that he believes Duncan and Jess being together is a mistake.

Baxter strikes a deal with Charles and they prepare a trap for Lexie. During an interview for the video, Baxter demands to know why Lexie has flouted a four hundred year old feud and insulted the clan by involving McLeishs. It looks like Charles has succeeded in his plan. Meanwhile, down at the loch, Paul has lost the box containing Amanda's ashes. In a desperate bid to save Amanda's feelings, he transfers some ashes from the barbeque to a similar canister. However, Duncan had the same idea and Amanda becomes distraught when they both present their ashes.

When Charles and Baxter arrive with the rest of the clan, it's revealled that they stole the real ashes. They wanted to ensure they caught the scandalous McLeish ceremony on camera. With the clan and the mourners in a face-off, Lexie steps in. She explains that Amanda's father and Hector were great friends and appeals to the clan to call an end to the feud. Her speech is well-received and the clan decides to make their peace. Even Charles concedes and joins Amanda in a toast. Amanda says goodbye to her father, and the clan gathering continues into the night.

Series 5 Episode 10
Golly and Molly Lexie's dad makes a surprise visit to Glenbogle and tries to win his estranged daughter over. Alex is a charming rogue with an erratic relationship with the truth. Lady Dorothy takes a shine to him, and employs him as her chauffeur. Golly is still adamant that Jess and Duncan shouldn't be involved. Jess accuses her dad of being unreasonable and decides to move into the big house. Duncan overdoes the pink chiffon when he gives Jess's bedroom a makeover to welcome her, and Jess soon begins to feel smothered by his constant presence. She escapes from the house and pitches a tent at the campsite in search of some peace. Finding her there, Duncan is hurt by Jess's apparent rejection.

When Molly decides to buy a horse, Golly accompanies her to a nearby farm which is run by a dotty old woman, Edith McDougall. The eccentric Edith refuses to sell the mare to an unmarried couple so Molly lies and says Golly is her husband. Golly improvises with a romantic story about his proposed to Molly. They are forced to keep up the pretence when Edith insists that they stay the night. In the same room, but with Golly on the sofa, he tells Molly how he has never been able to admit his feelings for her. The next morning, Edith offers to sell the farm to Molly and Golly so they can run it together.

Lexie is shocked to learn that Amanda is, in fact, married. When Lexie asks Paul if he knows, he hides his obvious hurt. Lexie finds Alex hiding from Dorothy down by the loch. They discuss the past and Alex apologises for hurting her; however, Lexie is too angry to forgive her father. Meanwhile, Paul confronts Amanda about her husband. She explains that her marriage is one of convenience and hopes that she and Paul can still remain an item. Paul tells Amanda he can't continue on her terms.

Still wrestling with their decision, Golly and Molly meet Edith's son, Charlie, at the farm. He explains that his mother is prone to fantasising and he actually owns the farm; it is not his mother's to sell. Realising that the opportunity of starting a new life together was only ever a dream, Molly and Golly resolve to remain at Glenbogle as loyal friends. Lexie finally accepts that Alex is sticking around only to find that he is on the run from gangsters and is forced to leave Glenbogle.

Lexie and Alex have an emotional farewell, as Alex promises Lexie he will return one day. Golly finally gives Jess and Duncan his blessing. Duncan reveals a surprise birthday party for Jess's birthday, and Paul is reunited with Amanda.
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