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29 October 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

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Series 5 Episode 1
Glenbogle after the bomb The honeymoon is over and Archie's feeling restless. When Kilwillie asks him to recruit a manager for a restaurant he's planning to open in New York, Archie decides he's the man for the job. Lexie's horrified that he's even considering it. Recently returned from London, Kilwillie's snooty sister Dorothy Trumpington Bonnet makes her presence felt in the Glen by serving an eviction notice on the Nairns - an elderly couple who occupy a cottage on her brother's estate. Lexie discovers that Dorothy plans to gift the cottage to her society friends, so she decides to rally the villagers into signing a petition against the eviction.

Duncan stores a trunk of his grandfather's memorabilia in the cellar at Glenbogle, unaware that the trunk contains a surprise souvenir - a live World War II German bomb. When Archie and Duncan discover the bomb they frantically try to defuse it. Despite their best efforts, the house is evacuated as they wait for the inevitable explosion. When the dust settles after the bomb the house has suffered severe structural damage, but is miraculously still standing. .Archie is appalled when he thinks what might have happened to the house and abandons his plans for New York. Kiliwillie announces that Archie's thirst for a new challenge has inspired him to travel the world. With Kilwillie embarking on his new adventure, he gifts the cottage to the Nairns and leaves his sister in charge.
Series 5 Episode 2
Molly Following the bomb damage, the family are forced to move into a B&B. Two supposedly famous food writers, Henrietta and Margo, are in Glenbogle to research the great cuisine of Highland Houses. Duncan sees his chance to get Glenbogle House some publicity, so he pretends to be a gourmet chef. However, Lady Dorothy lures the writers away to Kilwillie Castle. Andrew takes Molly out for secret driving lessons to help her pass her test, as their friendship becomees deeper. Archie's half-brother Paul causes a stir with his surprise return to Glenbogle. He has left the army and decided to move to Scotland. Archie is pleased to see him, but Molly is hostile; having a permanent reminder of Hector's infidelity in her house is not ideal.

Andrew suggests she move into his cottage to avoid Paul, but Molly worries that their relationship is developing too quickly. Lexie discovers that Glenbogle House has been burgled. Archie is annoyed when he's informed by the investigating police officer that Paul has spent time in a military prison. When Paul tries to convince Archie to invest in a climbing business, Archie refuses, and confronts him about his prison sentence. Paul is affronted and decides to leave.In Andrew's absence, Molly asks Golly to help her prepare for her test. Molly comes to the realisation that she has been resistant to change so she makes a bet with herself - if she passes her test she'll accept change, in the shape of Andrew and Paul. Duncan discovers that Henrietta and Margo are the burglars, and rallies Lexie and Dorothy into chasing the robbers. Molly passes her driving test so she decides to go with the flow. She and Archie track down Paul in the car and persuade him to stay in Glenbogle.
Series 5 Episode 3
Paul and Archie Paul is keen to get his Outdoor Activity Centre up and running, so he arranges for a local building firm to help him. Molly secretively starts up Glenbogle's first dating agency. When he overhears her conversation with a client, Dougal, Andrew becomes convinced that Molly and Dougal are an item. Andrew confronts Molly but she refuses to tell him about the agency. Andrew secures a date with local girl Hayley in a bid to make Molly jealous. Duncan discovers the agency files and sets up a double date for himself and Paul, but after Paul pulls out and Duncan is forced to meet both ladies in one evening. Duncan meets Kilwillie's demanding niece, Hermione, in The Ghillie's Rest. Making his excuses, he hot-foots it to meet the upfront Helen. This date goes wrong when Helen's husband, PC Craig arrives.

In Duncan's haste to escape, he reverses his car into the brand new community mini -bus, and doesn't notice the bus career down the hill. The finger of suspicion for the damaged mini-bus points at Paul. Meanwhile, an oblivious Hermione has taken a shine to Duncan and wines and dines him at Kilwillie Castle. The villagers demand that Paul confess to crashing into the mini-bus, and the crisis escalates as Archie stands by his half-brother.

Meanwhile, Molly comes clean to Andrew about the dating agency and they decide to let Dougal and Hayley down gently. It turns out that Molly's agency has had its first success as Dougal and Hayley hit if off in the pub. Duncan owns up to accidentally crashing into the mini bus, and Paul offers his camper van as a temporary community vehicle. The villagers agree to put the dispute behind them and Duncan will pay for the damage to the bus. However, Hermione arrives, pays off Duncan's debts, and whisks her speechless new boyfriend Duncan off into the sunset.
Series 5 Episode 4
Archie Archie is coaching the Glenbogle youth football team for the annual grudge match against the Glencampbell team. Glenbogle has been the losing side for the past few years and Archie is keen to win this one, so when Paul suggests drafting in a few of the boys from his activity centre, Archie agrees. Paul thinks he should coach the team so that Archie can get on with running the estate. Archie is reluctant to give up the reins but he gives his brother the opportunity, on the condition that Paul understands that this is the only lairdly duty he'll surrender.

Golly is pleasantly surprised to find that his daughter Jess has come to stay. He discovers that Jess has been dating her university lecturer, Dr Sean Cook, and finds it hard to control his anger. He resolves to travel to Glasgow to confront Cook, but Archie suggests that he meet with Cook instead. Archie travels to Glasgow with Duncan who has arranged a job interview with a hotel in Glasgow. Back at Glenbogle, Lexie takes a young, talented footballer under her wing. Angus has some attitude problems which cause him to clash with Paul. Lexie finds that the boy is missing his mum. Archie confronts Sean Cook and is surprised to discover that Sean's relationship with Jess is over - Jess dumped him.

After some crossed wires, an initially hesitant Molly accepts Andrew's invitation to go away on a romantic weekend. Golly and Jess make up when she reveals that her relationship with Cook is over. Golly apologises and concedes that Jess is old enough to live her own life. Jess announces that she plans to stay at Glenbogle. Duncan discovers that he didn't get the job. At the football match, Paul is still refusing to play Angus, despite the game being on a knife edge. When the team are awarded a last minute penalty Lexie persuades Paul to give Angus another try. Angus scores and wins the match. Archie is delighted about winning the match and informs Paul that from now on they'll be sharing the responsibilities of running Glenbogle.

Series 5 Episode 5
Duncan Dorothy has a money-spinning plan to create an Eco-Dome in the village. However, the only route for building an access road is right through Glenbogle estate. Archie is resistant until Dorothy points out the ways that the community will benefit economically. Meanwhile, Paul recruits a local lad, Ewan, to help him run the activity centre. Paul is furious when he discovers that Archie plans to run a road to the Dome through the centre. A furore breaks out when Archie reminds Paul that he didn't consult him about recruiting Ewan. Paul is forced to withdraw Ewan's job offer

Jess has been assisting Golly with the running of the estate, but Golly fails to pick up on the hints that Jess is keen to follow in his footsteps. When Duncan announces that he's working for Dorothy as the Eco- Dome site manager, Jess sets her sights on the Head Ranger's job. Lexie sneaks into Dorothy's office in a bid to uncover information on the Dome. She is rumbled by Duncan, who ends up having to lock her in a cupboard when Dorothy appears

Jess is hurt when she learns that Golly is trying out Ewan for the Head Ranger's job. Unbeknownst to her, Paul asked Golly to try Ewan out because he didn't have the heart to sack him. Jess accuses Golly of being chauvinistic. Golly had no idea that she wanted to work alongside him. When Lexie informs Duncan that the hotel in Glasgow have contacted Glenbogle to inquire why he hasn't taken the job, Duncan realises Hermione is prepared to lie in order to secure their future. He decides to investigate Lexie's suspicions about the Eco- Dome.

Archie and Paul have called a truce and present a united front for the villagers at the Eco-Dome consultation meeting. Dorothy's presentation is going well and the villagers seem excited about the job prospects. However, Duncan produces evidence that Dorothy plans to recruit from London. The hall is in an uproar and Archie calls the deal off., scuppering Dorothy's plans. Duncan breaks off his relationship with Hermione, and he asks Archie if he can get his job back. However, he discovers that Golly and Archie have offered it to Jess.

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