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29 October 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

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Monarch of the Glen
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Series 4 Episode 1
Molly and Golly Molly is determined to put the memory of Hector's untimely demise behind her and discovers that Archie has a new vision for Glenbogle - wolves! He only needs the all clear from the zoo inspector and he can open to the public. However, Golly refuses to become head keeper of the wolf park. Lexie is also finding it difficult coping with change. Archie decides to appoint a new housekeeper, Irene, as a surprise for Lexie. Lexie is furious with Archie for undermining her and it seems that their proposed marriage is in jeopardy. With the two women at each others throats, Archie announces a 'cook off' to decide who will be housekeeper. He also delivers Lexie an ultimatum - she must choose her future one way or the other. With no Golly on board and an impending visit from the zoo inspector, Archie has no choice but to appoint Duncan as head keeper. Archie is a moment away from losing the license when Golly intervenes and his natural ability with animals is enough to convince the inspector. At the 'cook off', a disappointed Archie believes he Lexie's decision is clear - she would rather be his housekeeper than his wife. However, she serves up the ring-pull they got engaged with - the wedding is back on...
Series 4 Episode 2
Molly Irene is having trouble coping with all the chores at Glenbogle, so when teenager Esme turns up looking for some casual work it seems too good to be true. Archie is slightly distrustful of her but Lexie, who sees a little of herself in her, is glad she hired her. Archie is pre-occupied with the grand opening of the Glenbogle Wildlife Centre. He has applied for a grant from a wildlife charity and doesn't know whether to laugh or cry when the charity's representative turns up. It is none other than Professor Isobel Hogg, a wildlife expert and adventurer. She's also Archie's godmother and a sworn enemy of Molly's. Duncan has noticed that Golly is clearly very taken by Irene and takes it upon himself to play Cupid. However, his attempts to set up a date go spectacularly wrong when after some crossed wires Duncan ends up going out with her instead. Meanwhile, Kilwillie is outraged to learn that Molly could ever have thought he and Gavin, his personal trainer, were an item. He is prevented from revealing that Molly is the true object of his affections by her discovering that Isobel is not quite the adventurer she makes out - during her famous expedition to Alaska, she sneaked back to Glenbogle to be with Hector. The opening day of The Wildlife Centre arrives and everything is going wrong - no-one has turned up to the grand opening and Isobel seems to have made her mind up that Glenbogle isn't a suitable recipient for a grant. Lexie discovers that Esme is a saboteur and animal rights activist. Archie returns to the house to find that Molly and Kilwillie have blackmailed Isobel into giving Glenbogle a grant after all.
Series 4 Episode 3
Archie and Lexie Preparations for the wedding hit a snag when Lexie realises that Archie has his mind set on a full Highland bash. Lexie reminds him about their desire to have it "small and special", but as laird, Archie feels only a big day will be sufficient. Archie is asked to help interview candidates for a teching post at the school, and is gobsmacked when the first candidate turns up; Katrina is keen to return and take up her old post - or so she leads him to believe. He is delighted to see her and invites her to dinner at Glenbogle, but fails to tell Lexie. Another face from the past makes an appearance at Glenbogle and sets about wooing Molly. The slimy spiv Louis, despised by Hector but an old friend of Molly's, has designs on marrying her and becoming the new Laird of Glenbogle. Molly vehemently dispatches him when his nature and motives are revealed. Meanwhile, Golly overhears Irene describe him as "tweedy" and he decides to revamp his image, securing a date with her. At dinner, Archie tries to reassure Lexie that Katrina won't come between them, but Lexie remains unsure. Her suspicions are confirmed when Katrina informs Archie that he is the main reason for her return. Lexie's insecurities mean she is dismayed when from afar she sees Archie and Katrina sharing a hug, though the Laird was simply telling Katrina of his determination to marry Lexie. Katrina decides not to take the job as seeing the couple happy together would be too painful. Meanwhile hurt Lexie resolves to leave, packs a bag and sets off over the hills. Duncan tries his best to dissuade her, but to no avail - though he succeeds in slipping a tracking device into her backpack. She is half way over a hill when Archie and Duncan turn up on quad bikes. Archie tells her he "followed his heart" to find her, and when the rest of the household appear with a minister in tow it becomes clear that Archie wants the wedding to take place right there on the hillside, fulfilling Lexie's wishes for a simple ceremony. Beautifully improvised vows of love are exchanged, the couple are married and hillside celebrations ensue.
Series 4 Episode 4
David David Fraser, an old friend of the MacDonald family, arrives with his friend Jonathan. Archie can't see that David has changed a great deal since they were boys. Lexie, however, has more perspective and can see that things aren't all they appear on the surface. She is particularly worried about David's drinking and is suspicious when he asks Archie to invest money in his nickel business. Keen to impress David, Archie entertains the idea, much to Lexie's bemusement. Meanwhile, Molly is appalled to learn that the wolf pack will soon kill the runt of the litter. She secretly liberates the cub and christens him Hector, hiding him in the tower so he isn't discovered. But her strange requests and erratic behaviour cause the family to fear for her sanity. Kilwillie, convinced that Molly is indeed going batty, blunders into the tower and inadvertently lets Hector escape. Molly is doubly annoyed that Kilwillie would think she is losing her marbles and that he's let the cub out of the tower. With no chance of wooing Molly, he agrees to help her track down Hector instead. Archie arranges for Jonathan and David to take part in the 'Grand MacDonald' competition, in which they compete in three outdoor events. When Archie isn't watching, David makes a pass at Lexie, and his excessive drinking forces Golly to abandon the competition. Archie is angry with Golly and Lexie for treating his friend so badly but, when Lexie informs him about David's pass, he confronts him. David admits he has lost all his money, and his suggested investment opportunity was in fact an underhand method of securing a personal 'loan' - there was no nickel business. David tries to laugh off his lecherous behaviour towards Lexie as a traditional part of the Grand MacDonald, and Golly is forced to separate the two men after Archie lands a punch on David's jaw. He is instructed never to return.
Series 4 Episode 5
wolf Duncan has mistakenly booked a party of naturists into the campsite. Golly's fading eyesight causes him to allow one of the wolves, Carlin, to escape from the pen - naked people and wolves don't mix, and if the news leaked it could be disastrous. The hunt is abandoned until next morning and Archie instructs Duncan to evacuate the campsite without letting on about Carlin's escape. However, the nudists are used to harassment and are determined to stay. Duncan still hasn't told Golly about his relationship with Irene. Golly and Archie are clashing as Archie blames him for allowing the wolf to escape. The tension between Golly and Archie increases when Golly disobeys Archie's wishes and tries to shoot Carlin with real bullets rather than tranquilisers, however his failing eyesight lets him down once more and the wolf runs off. Out on the hills, Golly stumbles over Irene and Duncan in a passionate embrace. Duncan feels terrible and tries to explain but Golly won't listen. Back at the campsite, Duncan accidentally shoots Kilwillie with a tranquiliser dart. Kilwillie declares his undying love for Molly in front of everyone. Molly is mortified. Meanwhile, at the estate Lexie coaxes Carlin into the estate office with some food. Golly arrives and returns Carlin to the pen. The disaster is averted , bu Archie lets Golly know that he'll have to brush up on his basic skills. Golly can take no more, and after explaining that his recent lapses are due to his deteriorating sight, he announces his departure. With everyone recovering from the shock, he packs his bag and leaves.
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