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29 October 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

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Monarch of the Glen
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Series 2 Episode 1
Lexie and Duncan Archie's plans to turn the crumbling estate into a cash cow are thrown off course by the arrival of a team of bankers from the firm that backs the estate. Six months of Justine's imperial rule has taken its toll and the natives are restless. Lexie is vowing to quit her job, Hector and Molly have already left the house, and Katrina has decided to avoid the estate altogether - having been deterred by the jealous Justine. Archie has to take action. Justine and Archie's break-up is filmed on the newly installed Glenbogle web-cam and broadcast to the estate residents!
Series 2 Episode 2
Feargal The appointment of a Head Ranger - charged with dragging Glenbogle into the 21st century - brings fresh tension to the big house. The competing applications pose a tough dilemma for Archie. Should he promote from within or buy in outside expertise and risk alienating the household? Outsider Fergal MacLure has all the right qualifications, but how will Duncan and Golly react to being passed over, and what will his appointment mean for Archie and Katrina's relationship? It is clear that Katrina has already taken a shine to Fergal, and Archie knows that appointing the dashing Irishman could cost him dear.
Series 2 Episode 3
Duncan Hector must dig deep to save Archie's bacon after a vital grant application is rejected because of a long-held grudge. With the estate's future hanging in the balance, Hector is forced to confront his old flame, Edith Rankin, the fearsome council leader, whose feelings of rejection still burns as fiercely now as it did 40 years ago. Fergal's desire to be top dog at Glenbogle causes tensions with Golly. Duncan, as ever, is caught in the middle - torn between ambition and loyalty. The battle is on for Duncan's loyalty, as Fergal and Golly lock antlers.
Series 2 Episode 4
Archie Archie would rather just forget about his 30th birthday, but there's precious little chance of that with Molly secretly organising birthday celebrations and Hector preparing a big surprise of his own. Obsessed by Archie's age and the absence of a long-term heir, Hector resolves to marry Archie off. He thinks he's struck gold when he meets Kieran, a rich Irish nobleman, and his charming daughter Tanya. Whilst fending off a host of unsuitable brides, Archie has a fight on his hands with a cantankerous former tenant, the cranky Tosh McKellan. Katrina and Fergal are on hand to help, and Katrina makes the most of the opportunity to let the birthday boy know that she and Fergal could be more than just good friends.
Series 2 Episode 5
Molly Molly's gambling addiction places the MacDonald family at threat when a hard Glasgow gangster, Murdo, arrives at Glenbogle determined to cash in his I.O.Us. Faced with financial ruin, Molly determines on a desperate plan - to gamble all on a poker game against card-sharp Murdo. Elsewhere on the estate, Archie must attempt to turn a derelict crofter's cottage into a fully functioning tourist attraction - in just 36 hours. It's all hands to the pump as Fergal and Archie muck in to meet the deadline, but there's tension in the air as Katrina finds herself at close quarters with both her suitors. Who will she choose?
Series 2 Episode 6
Lexie Crockery flies at Glenbogle when Lexie comes face to face with her wayward mother for the first time in four years. Engaged to a millionaire, Pamela is determined to have a lavish wedding at Glenbogle - with reconciliation with Lexie as part of the package. Archie finds himself stuck in the middle of an epic mother and daughter confrontation, struggling to ensure that the wedding goes ahead as planned. Meanwhile, there's a serious shock for Katrina when the local education authority threatens to close her school. Fergal thinks he has the answer. He is shortly to leave Glenbogle for a job in New Zealand and Katrina could go with him.
Series 2 Episode 7
Fergal and Katrina The unexpected arrival of a heavily-pregnant Lizzie shatters the peace at Glenbogle. Abandoned by a married man, Lizzie is looking for comfort and support, but comes up against Hector's disapproval. The result is an explosive family schism, with Archie caught right in the middle, and it's a race against time to heal the breach between his father and fiery sister before the next generation of the MacDonald family is born. As Katrina prepares to leave Glenbogle for good, Lizzie questions her desire to start a new life with Fergal. Will Katrina go through with it? Or has Lizzie done enough to throw Katrina and Archie a lifeline?
Series 2 Episode 8
Estate With the transformation of Glenbogle now complete, Archie has good reason to be proud of his achievements. The backward estate he inherited is now a fully functioning tourist attraction, due to be opened at Glenbogle's annual clan gathering. However, a rich businessman, Joe MacDonald , arrives from the USA for the gathering with a legitimate genealogical claim to the Estate. A desperate Archie must invoke the Chieftains' Challenge and do battle with Joe to decide who is the rightful Monarch of the Glen. Following Katrina's return to Glenbogle without Fergal, the way now seems clear for Archie and Katrina. With Lexie eyeing up the desirable laird, Katrina has a fight on her hands if she is to finally bag her man…
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