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29 October 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

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Monarch of the Glen
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Series 1 Episode 1
Archie and Justine Archie, the young owner of a fashionable London restaurant is called to the bedside of his ailing father only to walk into a trap. His cantankerous father, Hector, has simply caught a cold, and his mother - the amiably dotty Molly - has dragged Archie north on a pretext and has arranged events so that he can't escape back to London.
Series 1 Episode 2
The MacDonald Family As Archie tries to escape to London he is stalled by a banker come to foreclose on the huge loan to the estate. Glenbogle's loyal retainers work together with Archie to change the banker's mind. Eventually it's Lexie, the punk-ish young housekeeper, who persuades the banker that love can be more than a match for any balance sheet.
Series 1 Episode 3
The Estate Justine, Archie's girlfriend and business partner from London, arrives out of the blue to find out what Archie is up to. She strays into a locked room that belonged to Archie's brother, who drowned in the loch when he and Archie were teenagers. Justine thinks Archie has too much of a soft spot for Katrina and jealousies come to a head at the social event of the season, the Glenbogle Ball.
Series 1 Episode 4
Katrina Katrina has a shock when a visit to Glenbogle by an old genealogist friend of Hector's uncovers an ancient diary. It belonged to a former servant at the house - Katrina's late mother - and records an affair she once had with someone called 'H'. Molly walks out on Hector over the revelations, but order is restored when Katrina's father turns out to be the genealogist himself.
Series 1 Episode 5
Lexie Archie's troublesome sister, Lizzie, turns up with her New Age boyfriend, Gerald, intent on converting Glenbogle into a hippy-ish healing centre. Archie is staggered when the charismatic Gerald finds a spring using 'mystical' powers. But the two are soon at loggerheads when Gerald persuades Hector to rediscover his lost youth by taking a swim in the loch.
Series 1 Episode 6
Molly As the new Laird of Glenbogle, Archie must take part in a traditional boat race across the loch against neighbouring landowner, Laird Kilwillie, in their annual grudge-match. Tempers fray when Kilwillie asserts 'finders keepers' privileges over an ancient ring, once a MacDonald heirloom. Archie wins back the ring by beating Kilwillie in the race.
Series 1 Episode 7
hector Archie has organised a special Highland night at his restaurant in London. The journey south becomes a shambles and the patience of Archie's long-suffering girlfriend wears thin. On the trip home Archie seeks solace in the arms of Lexie. Meanwhile Katrina is standing against Kilwillie in the local elections. Archie returns just in time to see her triumph in the vote.
Series 1 Episode 8
Archie Justine gives Archie an ultimatum - return to London or give up his share in the restaurant. It's crunch time for Archie as he must decide where his loyalties lie. Archie offers to save Glenbogle by selling out from his restaurant, but Hector and Katrina unveil an elaborate idea to save face all round, just as Justine arrives to claim back her man…
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