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16 October 2014
Monarch of the Glen

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Monarch of the Glen
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Series 6 Episode 1
Duncan, Jess and Cameron Spring begins to blossom in Glenbogle, bringing with it changing times, a few new faces and mixed emotions for Golly. Following the sudden death of his partner, Meg, Golly is a single-parent looking after baby Cameron alone. With a demanding job on the estate, Golly finds it hard to bring up his son, despite the support of his daughter Jess.

Meg's sister Rosie arrives for the christening and, realising Golly's parental struggle, offers him a stark choice - why not entrust Cameron to her?
The very thought of this enrages Jess, as she thinks her father is running away from his responsibility again, just like he did when she was a child. Paul, also shocked by Golly's decision, takes him to the big house to show him the new nursery that the whole family have prepared as a surprise christening present for Cameron. Golly realises he is not alone, and tells Rosie that Cameron's place is at Glenbogle with his father and the rest of his "family".

A long hard winter has taken its toll on Glenbogle and the laird, Paul, is faced with growing repair bills for his Tenants' crofts. Knowing money is tight, Paul dreads the Tenants Association's AGM and clashes with their newly elected chair, Iona MacLean, a beautiful local shepherdess who won't take no for an answer.

Molly and Donald return from a fun day at the races full of stories but short on winnings. However, after revealing he gambled away the deposit for the new Glenbogle generator, Donald hatches an elaborate plan to repay the debt before Paul discovers the truth.

Paul puts repairs to Iona's croft at the top of his "To Do" list as a gesture of goodwill and personally attempts to fix her failing electrics. While the McDonald family are celebrating Cameron's Christening on Meg's Moor, a blown fuse starts a fire that burns her croft to the ground. Paul insists that she stay at the big house until he can make up for the terrible calamity he has caused.

Golly welcomes Duncan back to Glenbogle to be godfather to Cameron alongside Jess as godmother. Still smarting after Duncan's abrupt departure to become a DJ in Edinburgh, Jess clashes with her estranged boyfriend during the christening rehearsal, making her realise she still has feelings for him. Duncan has a decision to make; should he return to Glenbogle or take up the exciting new job offer he has been waiting for? Jess sacrifices her heart again when she tells him that she'll always be there if he wants to come home, encouraging him to take the new job and see what the future holds.
Series 6 Episode 2
Ewan and Amy When Tam Cooper turns up at the Glenbogle estate office, Paul and Golly know it can't be good news. Recently released from prison, the convicted poacher has decided to assert his right to buy his land following the death of his mother. Paul and Golly struggle to trust Tam's claims that he's a rehabilitated man and their suspicions are confirmed when he does all he can to cause trouble for their corporate fishing expeditions. Paul does his best to stay calm, but he's pushed over the edge when Tam tries to charge an extortionate rent for the use of the McDonald's own fishing hut that sits on his newly-acquired land.

Paul refuses to meet Tam's demand, and assures him that they will do without the hut. But it proves more difficult than he thought. Not only are the fishing party reduced to lunching unsheltered by the loch, but a mishap with the food leaves lunch itself looking more like a gastronomic calamity than a traditional Highland culinary delight. If word gets out they could lose custom, which would be a crushing financial blow to the already struggling estate. Paul has to come up with a plan to thwart Tam's meddling, or risk losing everything.

Amidst the stress of dealing with Tam Cooper and the fishing party, there are two things that bring a smile to Paul's face. Iona arrives with her belongings to stay at the house following the fire at her croft, and an unexpected visit from his goddaughter Amy offers a happy distraction from estate life. In her efforts to fit in and make friends Amy stretches the truth on more than one occasion, leaving a trail of carnage in her wake. Ewan, quite taken by the new arrival, shoulders her portion of the blame for the fiasco with the fishing lunches. Amy's cover is blown by an unexpected visit from her headmaster who reveals that - contrary to her claims - she is not 18, she is still at school and she hasn't sat any of her exams. Will Paul let her stay when she explains why she ran away from school? And how will Ewan handle the news that the girl he kissed - losing his girlfriend in the process - is only 16?!

Amy is not the only new arrival with a duplicitous agenda. Kilwillie returns from New York much to Molly's delight, but he's not alone. He arrives with Edith, a new PA who has designs on him beyond keeping his diary in order. Molly and Edith are immediately suspicious of each other, but Kilwillie can see nothing but their blossoming new friendship. When Molly overhears Edith on the phone it becomes clear that she has her sights set on Kilwillie's fortune, with no interest or affection for the man himself. Unable to let her dear friend suffer, Molly does some digging in the hope of finding proof that Edith cannot be trusted. But it's a bittersweet victory when she uncovers the truth and has to break the news to Kilwillie.
Series 6 Episode 3
Yuri on the dining room table

Former Russian Cosmonaught, Viktor Zinchenko and his wife Catriona claim to be interested in investing money in Paul's plan to turn Glenbogle into a luxury spa retreat for weekend breaks. Viktor is fully aware that the future of Glenbogle and the McDonalds depends on him and his investment, and he does everything he can to make their lives difficult. And they certainly weren't prepared for the entourage that Viktor brings with him - a couple of huge bodyguards and a black panther called Yuri that he picked up en route as a gift for his wife.

As Head Ghillie at Glenbogle, Golly is due to take Viktor stalking on the hills to show him what the grounds of the estate have to offer. However, whilst preparing for the shoot he slips on one of Cameron's toy cars, which leaves him prostrate and in pain.

When Jess asks Molly to look after her dad while she fills in for him, the latter is all too willing to escape the pantomime at the big house and switch her attention from impressing an arrogant Russian to looking after an incapacitated ghillie and friend. Although grateful, Golly is uncomfortable with the idea of Molly cooking and cleaning for him. Hurt by his rejection, Molly leaves. But a heart-to-heart the following day brings them closer than they've been for a long time and they agree that they are no longer master and servant, but friends, on equal footing.

In Molly's absence, Paul calls on Iona to fill in as Lady of the Manor for the duration of Viktor's visit, a role brings her closer to her laird. as he reveals the extent of his fears for the future of the estate. He confides that finances are so bad that he can't even pay his staff their wages. Iona, eager to help Paul in any way she can, shares the confidence with Molly, who then rallies the troops to raise their game and provide Viktor and his wife with the perfect Highland hospitality; right down to their costumes.

Even silver service and heated newspapers fail to impress Viktor. He does however make an offer to buy the house outright for his wife. She cannot believe the suggestion, and is aghast when she realises that the house is a symbolic substitute for the one thing she wants that he won't give her - a baby. What she doesn't realise is that he already has a daughter that he does not see, and he can't bear the possibility of that happening again.

Later, when Catriona finds herself cornered in the dining room by an escaped Yuri, Viktor alerts the rest of the house and they all rush to the scene. When his rifle jams, it is Paul who steps in to shield Catriona from the panther and guide her to safety. Humbled by his inability to rescue his wife, Viktor comes to realise that he cannot have everything his own way. After a chat with Paul he agrees to tell Catriona about his estranged daughter and take a chance on love again.

In an effort to repair the damage done to his relationship with Zoë, Ewan invites her around to the house to enjoy some champagne in the hot tub. Just as he thinks his charm offensive is thawing the ice, Zoë makes it crystal clear that he's going to have to do more than that and challenges him to jump naked into the freezing cold loch to prove his dedication. But is it worth it? Or is there someone else in Ewan's heart, if only he could admit it to himself?

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