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29 October 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

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Cast Comments
Kellyanne Farquhar Kellyanne Farquhar

When Paul's goddaughter Amy arrives in Glenbogle after running away from boarding school, she immediately finds a kindred spirit in fellow mischief-maker Ewan (Martin Compston). And as Monarch newcomer Kellyanne Farquhar explains, Amy isn't slow in making a big impression on Glenbogle.

"Amy is a feisty wee thing and she's always up to something a little bit naughty," says Kellyanne. "In her own way she's trying to help, but she never quite succeeds and usually just ends up making the situation much worse than it was before."

Not surprisingly, Glenbogle's fun-loving chef, Ewan, finds Amy fascinating, fun and a real breath of fresh air, even although she does seem to drop him in it at every possible turn. However, while Ewan finds Amy intriguing, his girlfriend Zoe (Kari Corbett) is less impressed with the sparky newcomer. "She gets away with murder and leaves poor Ewan to take the blame even though it tends to be all her fault. But there is a bond between them from the word go and eventually, although they don't necessarily fall head over heels for each other straight away, they do end up kissing," adds the Livingston born actress, giggling at the mere thought of it. "It's the first time I have ever filmed anything like that so it was quite nerve-wracking beforehand. I remember coming on set that day thinking: 'Oh my God, I've got to snog Martin Compston in a minute.' But thankfully Martin's a really down to earth guy and turned it into a very light-hearted situation. It didn't become a big deal at all."

When Amy turns up on the doorstep it's a shock for the MacDonald family and she brings with her a catalogue of surprises and more mayhem than they could ever have thought possible.

For Kellyanne, 22, appearing on Monarch Of The Glen marks her TV acting debut and no-one is more chuffed about it than her family, who are all major Monarch fans. "They've seen every episode and are thrilled to bits. When I phoned to tell them I'd got the part my aunt just screamed down the phone. She was so excited she couldn't actually form any words. As far as she is concerned I've hit the big time, I'm famous and nothing else I ever do will mean as much to her as this," laughs the young actress.

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