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29 October 2014
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Live Chat
Series 7

Rae Hendrie, who plays Glenbogle's junior ghillie Jess, joined us right after episode four of series seven and filled us in on how she loves acting opposite the gentle Golly and reminisced about kissing the adorable Duncan!

The first question was from dikky: Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster?
Rae: No, but I think that they made a good point on tonight's show that we know hardly anything about deep parts of lochs and seas and there could be anything there. But no, personally, I don't think so.

Question from Rob: Is it really possible for a lass to become a sort of forester in a man's world like the Highlands?
Rae: Absolutely! In fact, the character of Jess was partly based on a real girl ghillie called Portia who worked on Ardverikie estate where we filmed.

Question from Katrina: Hi Rae, What's your favourite thing about working with the twin girl's who play Baby Cameron?
Rae: They were very sweet to have on set. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hard work for everyone. Obviously, I didn't work with them the most. It was mainly Sandy Morton. They were very sweet. Adorable and cute and made everyone maternal or paternal. I think they're fantastic on screen. They're hilarious as well.

Question from Maggie: What part of Scotland are you originally from?
Rae: I'm from Selkirk - in the Scottish Borders.

Question from charlie1: What was it like getting to kiss Hamish, and was he as funny in real life as he is in the show?
Rae: Absolutely brilliant kissing him! It was lovely. It's always nice waking up in the morning and going to kiss someone at work and getting paid for it! He's hilarious. Non-stop banter. He never stops.

Question from Debbie: What's it like to work with the animals in the series and was the panther really scary or not?!!
Rae: Working with the animals can be very funny. They tend to do absolutely not what they're told. As for the panther I didn't actually work with it. I wasn't in any scenes with it so the first time I saw it was on screen. They filmed a lot of it in a big cage and most of the time the only person who went near it was the handler.

Question from Laura: Do you get recognised a lot when you go out?
Rae: Here and there. The last random time was two weeks ago at Windsor Castle by one of the guards. It's obviously high security around there and he was holding the biggest rifle I've seen in my life and was asking me questions like "Aren't you on the telly?"

Question from rich: Was Portia as glamorous as you?
Rae: She was. She was very glamorous. She never went out without full make-up on and wore dark eyeliner and had long, blonde hair right down to her bum. There's no compromise on the glamour there.

Question from Bobbi: Do you prefer the countryside to the city life?
Rae: I love being in London, where I live, but I absolutely love where we film Monarch and I think given the choice I'd love to live up there in a few years time. It's a nice place to bring up children… hopefully!

Question from trevski: Who is the worst corpser on the show, who always has you falling about?
Rae: People are quite good…actually, I think, back in the days that Dawn Steele played Lexie - she was pretty bad. But when I was watching tonight's episode and Susan Hampshire had to say the Gaelic name of the water horse, I remembered that she got it so badly wrong during one take that I've never seen so many people trying to not laugh, including the entire camera department! It was extremely funny and Susan herself had a good laugh about it.

Question from Alice: What made you want to act?
Rae: I did school shows and it was one of the things I enjoyed the most at school. And I went to Edinburgh Uni for one year to study Psychology and Linguistics. How much like hard work it was! So, acting it was! I went to drama school.

Question from Benjamin: Are you actually related to the person who plays Golly because your bone structure is very similar?

Rae: No. we're not related, but I thank my lucky stars for that similar bone structure for getting me that job on Monarch of the Glen. But Sandy and my real dad met recently and I have a photo of the three of us and we do all look very similar! That's just very strange... Sandy, to work with, was an absolute pleasure. He is a very gentle, kind person to have on set as well as being very talented. I miss him lots. I'm thinking I should phone him tonight!

Question from Sally: I loved the song Seventh Seal that you made with Drood! Have you got any plans to make more music?
Rae: No. (Laughs) Probably not. That was just a kind of hobby, really, that I enjoyed immensely.

Question from Carol: Hi Rae, I think you play Jess very well in Monarch of the Glen. What do you do in between filming scenes? and what is your favourite scene that you have been in?
Rae: In between scenes we chat, read magazines and phone people, usually. Actually, I remember what I did most of last series… it was mostly spent with the electricians form the set playing Sudoku. Lol. My favourite scene this series was the one where I told Golly off for trying to give baby Cameron away. I love acting with Sandy. Now we have so much history as characters that it was very heartfelt.

Question from Bill: Hi Rae. What do you do in your spare time? Any Hobbies?
Rae: You know, someone asked me that recently. Acting was my hobby when I was younger. I like going to museums, and art galleries, and I've just recently started going to church again.

Question from Nats: If you actually were Jess, would you have followed Duncan to Edinburgh or would you have stayed behind like she did?
Rae: I would probably have stayed behind, I think. You need to follow your own dreams, don't you? Then, hopefully, if things work out you'll get back together. Maybe Jess will get back together with Duncan. You never know.

Question from SophandKat: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have three things what would they be?
BBC McHost: Rae is having a good hard think…
Rae: A really big iPod... hmm, dunno...salt and vinegar square crisps. A lifetime's supply? Oh, and a nice boy to kiss. You'd need something to keep you going!

Question from suz: Are you more at home with wellies or high heels?
Rae: Somewhere in between. Just a nice pair of Birkenstocks.

Question from Angela: Did you take any keepsakes with you at the end of filming?
Rae: Apart from costumes, oh and a lot of coathangers. The costume department has amazing coathangers. And some hand warmers. They're like teabags that warm up instantly and keep you from having cold hands. Apart from that, nothing.

Question from bons80: What's on your i-pod?
Rae: I just reloaded it, actually. So now it's Big Star, Nina Simone, Capital K and... Fiddler's Bid.

Question from GG: Have you ever had a really embarrassing moment on set and just wanted to crawl down a hole?
Rae: I can never remember these... I wish I had a better memory. In next week's episode (episode 5) I have to run up a river and I fell in... and cried in front of about 30 extras. Highly embarrassing!

Question from Laura: Do you ever impress your friends with your fly-fishing skills?
Rae: No, because I don't have any fly fishing skills. It's brilliant editing. But I am now a dab hand with a chainsaw! (Laughing)

Question from bader: I believe you can tell a lot about a person's choice in partner by the ice cream they like. For example my favourite is tutti fruitti - exotic and colourful. Therefore my partner is Italian. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
Rae: I've just demolished - with the help of my boyfriend - a tub of chocolate Green and Black's ice cream.

Question from Louise: Are you really as tough as you appear on screen? You are very strong willed - it is lovely to watch!
Rae: How sweet! No, I'm not. I'm a weakling! I have a bit of a bad temper in real life but if anyone shouts at me I instantly cry, so my bark is a lot worse than my bite.

Question from angel: Do you still help teach children with learning difficulties?
Rae: I haven't had to for a while because the acting has been going okay but yeah, I would go back to classroom assistant but maybe not with children with such severe problems.

Question from Chrisjohn2: You have a boyfriend Rae ?...all our hearts are broken around the country!!
Rae: (Laughing) Em... eh... I don't know what to say to that! I'm very flattered - but speechless.

Question from chrissie: You're really good at acting what tips do you have for me as i am also studying a drama degree?
Rae: I don't really do acting tips. But I guess having confidence and believing in yourself are the two most important things in acting then other people will believe in you.

Question from Kate: Rae, who would you say has inspired you in life?
Rae: My parents, I think. They work hard and are lovely and still get on really well. So, I guess if I wanted to aspire to be anyone it would be them.

Question from SJ: You have been involved with monarch for quite a few years now - how emotional was it filming the last scene? Did u have a big sob afterwards, or just a big party?
Rae: I didn't film the last scene as I wasn't in it but I did go to drive up to the set to see them film it. And yes, that was quite sad. What was quite weird, though, is that we filmed the very last scene of the show a few weeks before the end of filming so it was weird to feel that we had said goodbye to Glenbogle even though we had 4 weeks left to actually work. Filming is always like that when you don't shoot in story-order.

A final word from Rae: Thank you so much for watching the show and for logging on tonight and for all your great questions. I hope I haven't been too boring!

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Rae Hendrie


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