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29 October 2014
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Live Chat
Martin Compston
In the first of our live chats for the sixth series of Monarch, we interviewed Martin, who plays cheeky city boy chef Ewan Brodie.Martin joined us after the show on Sunday 17th October 2004 to talk grills'n'girls. We also probed him for some hot Glenbogle gossip.

The first question was from Tim: Martin, what is your date of birth and birth place?
Martin: My date of birth is 8th May 1984 and I was born in Greenock, Scotland.

Question from Bex: You are a very fit young man, how do you fight off all those hungry Ladys?!
Martin: I don't fight them off!

Question from pip: It must be fantastic being on a programme like Monarch but if you weren't there where would you be now?
Martin: If I wasn't on Monarch now hopefully I would probably be doing movies, or if I wasn't doing the acting think at all I'd be playing football.

Martin Compston joined us after the fifth episode of Monarch..Question from Heather: Hey, I know you fell into acting by chance and gave up your dream of playing for Celtic, but do you regret it at all?
Martin: Em, I definitely regret it as for insurance reasons I can't play football any more and it's the love of my life. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it but I think it definitely was worth the sacrifice.

Question from visitor visitor: Martin, you play a chef in Monarch - but can you really cook?
Martin: I can't cook at all, but I do have the greatest invention known to man which is the George Foreman grill. It's an essential for every bachelor!

BBC McHost Martin says if Jordan or Jodie Marsh have logged in, get your questions in girls! ;0)

Question from visitor gingernut: Are there going to be any romances on monarch for Ewan (except the bar maid)
Martin: There's a couple, actually, but you'll need to watch the show to find out. Definitely off-screen!

Question from visitor Elles: Hi Martin, Do you get in to as much trouble and cause as much mischief in real life as you do in the show?
Martin: I'm a 20 year old boy with the best job in the world so figure that one out yourself. I like to enjoy myself...

Question from visitor nash: wud u have played for any other team instead of Celtic, like Arsenal for example?
Martin: Definitely! Football, when it's your job, when you're playing the game, it's not about who you support - it's about playing for the team. As long as it's not Rangers!

Question from Holly: Which character would you rather go out with, Molly, Lexie, Jess or Isobelle? Martin: Probably Golly!

Question from Maddie: How is it to be the youngest guy among those old stagers? Did you learn a lot of them? Must say I like Ewan more and more, you're much better than in the beginning!
Martin: It's a fantastic experience. It's an extremely talented cast and it's probably the best way to learn the trade.

Question from Robyn and Felicia: What's the set like in real life and what is it like working with Rae Hendrie (Jess)?
Martin: The big house is absolutely stunning. The scenery is gorgeous apart from the midgies and Rae's an absolute darling.

Question from visitor Supremebeing247: You played a dj on a pirate radio station would you ever consider becoming one?
Martin: I'm too busy dancing and drinking to think about DJing when I'm out!

Question from sweetsixteen: How Mad is Tom Baker in real life?
Martin: Tom's slightly eccentric but he's fantastic. He's an amazing big man and he's hilarious! I remember one time, he always tries to do little tricks to keep things lively and he went to nod at me through a window. He actually nutted the window and smashed it! His head's solid! He didn't need first aid.

Question from Hannah: Do you fancy yourself as a Laird?
Martin: I wouldn't mind the amount of attention he gets from the women but I'm quite happy being the cheeky chappie. I'm too small to be a laird as well!

Question from Suzie 16: Who is it that inspires you in the acting world? Who would you like to work with if you had the chance?
Martin: I would love to work with Peter Mullan and I've worked with Gary Lewis who I think is a fantastic actor but I really admire Edward Norton. He's a Hollywood star but he's also a proper actor. I'm a patriot and I like to see the Scottish boys doing well, so anybody Scottish.

Question from Joe: Martin, wouldn't you like a part in Chewin' the Fat?!?
! Martin: I would kill for a part in Still Game! I'm doing a film at the moment with some guys that have been in Still Game. Gavin Mitchell, he actor who's PC Callum in Monarch, he plays the barman in Still Game. It's my favourite show.

Question from MJ; Are you still single after being a popular hit with the ladies?
Martin: I would be crazy to have a girlfriend in this business because they're everywhere and I hate being tied down. I like having fun and I like variety. I'll settle down maybe when I'm 50!

Question from Jenny2? What are your hobbies then?
Martin: I've not really got time for hobbies at the minute but basically football and walking my dogs. Going out with my friends too. They're the best bunch in the world. A shout out to Michael, Shauney and Alan. I'm still recovering from a night out with them last night!

Question from visitor Simon: You were in the film Sweet Sixteen. Are you going to be starring in any more films?
Martin: I should have two coming out quite soon and I'm filming one at the moment. Hopefully I'll have two after that. Film is definitely what I want to do. I love being on Monarch but my ultimate aim is to keep doing movies.

Question from visitor polly: Highland girls or Glasgow girls?
Martin: Both of them!

Question from xrachx04: What do u prefer - pizza or chocolate?
Martin: Pizza. Caribbean chicken is my favourite.

Question from Gypseyboy: Rae is visiting manchester to do live theatre, do you do the theatre or is it film and tv for you?
Martin: Film and TV only because as an actor I like to keep things quite close. I don't project the way you have to do for theatre. I might take a chance one day because all the cast on Monarch have theatre backgrounds and they tell me it's the best fun they've ever had. But for the moment TV and film for me.

Question from Gav: I want to be an actor when I'm older, how did you start out and how old were you when you did?
Martin: I started when I was 16. It's a very hard business to get into. It's a lot about being in the right place at the right time. But if you're determined enough try as many auditions as you can. But try to have something to fall back on. It's not a secure career. But if you want something bad enough, go and get it.
Martin  was highly amused when we asked hiim to type up all the questions.
Question from Gypseyboy: What breed of dogs do you have and what are their names?
Martin: I've two huge German shepherds who are my boys. They're called Biscuit and Buster and I love them to bits. They're two years old. I used to be able to carry both of them in one arm and now I can't even pick them up!

Question from Jasper: Are you into the same kind of music that you were broadcasting on your pirate radio show in MofG?
Martin: I'm into most types of music, actually. I'm quite diverse but at the moment my favourite band's Snow Patrol.

Question from Colin: how come you have never worn a kilt?
Martin: I've worn a couple in the show, I think. But that's Hamish's thing. I'll leave the kilts to Hamish.

Question from Fiona: Do you see the American film industry as your future, or are you looking to bolster Scottish films?
Martin: I have quite big management and agents in America and they put pressure on me to move out to America but I feel I'm having such good experience and a good time here I don't want to move yet. American films are usually money driven rather than being about the story. British films are about the story. I want to do films that actually touch the person watching rather than just doing stuff where things are blowing up and people are getting shot.

Question from Dundee piper: If you were to film anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Martin: I've been most places I always wanted to visit. I've just done a film in Rome which was fantastic. But I've never been to New York so I'd love to do something there. And I love Japan so I'd love do film something there too. Or one in Ibiza so I could get blitzed!

Question from domino: Would you drive a Robin Reliant in real life?
Martin: If it got me from A to B, and it'd make you stand out, but nah, I can't see you pulling many chicks in one of those. I had a Chrysler Crossfire for a day and it was amazing. I always wanted an Audi TT but the Crossfire was amazing!

Question from Sherylw: what was your most embarrassing moment during filming?
Martin: On one of the last days of filming the Reliant just started falling to bits. Fluid was pouring out of it, the gearbox fell out of it and there was this horrible screeching coming out of it and it wasn't part of the show so I had to drive as if everything was normal. There were loads of press there that day too and I had to drive with the gearbox dragging on the ground. The car was on its last legs!

Question from Steph: Now that you are receiving an actor's wage are you splashing out a lot or being sensible?
Martin: I haven't really got a lot of time to spend it, to be honest. I like doing things like taking friends or my mum and dad on nights out. I quite fancy a really nice car but I don't drive the one I've got so there's no point.

Question from visitor Tickster: What's your favoutite film of all time and why?
Martin: I love films. That's a bit of a hard question! Probably Trainspotting would be one of my top three. I loved the Indiana Jones films as a wean. I used to dress up as him all the time. Or anything with Quentin Tarantino is quality. Pulp Fiction is unbelievable.

Question from McBen: How do you generally feel about series which have lots of characters being changed and how do you think it has/will affect Monarch?
Martin: The thing is, I didn't watch the show before I started. My mum loved it. So, although I can understand how it was for a lot of fans, for me Lloyd is the laird. For a show to keep alive it has to keep changing, it has to keep fresh and I think the cast at the moment is fantastic. Although I was really sad to see Dawn and Hamish leave as they were great friends the show was getting a bit stale and it had to change.

Question from Domino: Where will you be spending Hogmanay?
Martin: I'm supposed to be away filming at an 'undisclosed location'. But I'd love to be at Edinburgh for Hogmanay 'cos I went last year and with it being called off it was a bit of a let-down.

Question from Julia: Are you as good with technology as you are on MOTG?
Martin: I'm useless with anything technical. My mates say I was quite clever at school but I have absolutely no common sense. If you asked me to change a plug I'd probably freak out. I can't deal with that sort of stuff.

Now it's time for the final word from Martin.
Martin: Cheers for talking tae me. If there's any hot chicks out there, gimme me a shout, my doors always open (laughing). And keep watching the show!

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Martin Compston


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