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29 October 2014
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Live Chat
Lloyd Owen
Lloyd Owen joined us for a live chat on Sunday 15th November 2003 to share his thoughts on an alternative career in diamond dealing, the dangers of whisky consumption and the likelihood of romance for Paul.
Here is the transcript of the chat with Lloyd...

The first question came from AvrilSw: How did it feel coming into a show which had already been running for several series, and therefore the main characters were already well known and liked by the audience?
Lloyd Owen: I had a similar experience on Hearts and Bones which I did a few years ago and it’s always difficult to come into a new series because you change the group dynamic. That can often work well for you because that is usually the same thing that your character is doing.

Question from Danni: Now that Archie has gone, do u think Paul n Lexie will end up falling for each other?
Lloyd Owen: What do you think? (laughing)
BBC McHost: Looks like he’s staying tight-lipped on that one.

Question from Joanne: What made you make the decision to join the programme/cast: do you like filming in that part of Scotland?
Lloyd Owen: I love filming in Scotland. It's incredibly beautiful and a great antidote to living in London. And I thought it was about time that I did a Sunday night drama. The last one was "The Cinder Path" with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Question from Dawn: Is it strange to see someone like Catherine Zeta Jones with whom you worked with being completely flung into the limelight so publicly? Is the Hollywood life something you imagine becoming part of one day?
Lloyd Owen: I think most actors would like to go to Hollywood given the opportunity. My only claim to fame is that I kissed her on screen (before Michael Douglas did).

Question from bananalolly: Hi Lloyd, what’s been your most memorable moment of Monarch of the Glen so far?
Lloyd Owen: When I made my first appearance in the show and first saw the landscape up in Scotland!

Question from cathy: Are you a bit of an Action Man in real life?
Lloyd Owen: My diy skills are nil but I do keep fit.

Question from Fi: What do you think of Scotland and the midges?
Lloyd Owen: That was the first time I'd heard the midges mentioned, in tonight’s episode. My first day on set last year everyone said the midges were bad in Scotland but I have travelled in South America with mosquitoes and nothing is as bad as South America! I walked on set and 60 people were wearing veils and I thought they were overreacting so I refused to wear one. Two minutes later I was begging for one from the wardrobe department. But it is a mental battle. Because they just won't go away and nothing stops them.

Question from AngelRose: Hi, you're doing good job on the show. I hope we see that lovely smile more; it suits you. My question is how did you get that scar on your chin?
Lloyd Owen: Thank you. I'd love to say I had a series knife fight defending a lady's honour! But… I actually fell down the concrete stairs in front of my house when I was four. Mum decided I didn't need stitches. Dad said I should. Mum accused dad of being overdramatic. And it was a bone of contention between them for years: as it looks like Dad was right.

Question from jerseygirl: Looking at your name, can I take it that you are Welsh?
Lloyd Owen: Yes, but both parents are from Wales, father from north, mother from south. My cousins in North are all Welsh speaking but I was brought up in London. I always scream at the television when Wales are playing rugby.
Question from tess: What footy team do you support?
Lloyd Owen: Chelsea.

Question from Zoe: You've worked with Catherine Zeta Jones, who would be your ideal leading lady to work alongside?
Lloyd Owen: I would have to say Ava Gardner. But she is dead.

Question from Steven1411: How long do you think you want to be part of Monarch Of The Glen? Do you feel that you're one of those kinds of actors who always needs a fresh challenge?
Lloyd Owen: I do like a fresh challenge. But I have learned never to make up my mind too early about anything. As life seems to have a great way of making you change whatever plans you have made.

Question from JanetMcN: I saw you as Mortimer a couple of years ago in Sheffield. We all thought your performance was wonderful. Do you have any other stage work planned?
Lloyd Owen: Not at the moment, but I hope to be soon. I love being in the theatre. That's my real passion.

Question from spectra: Do you think you could manage a highland estate in real life? It looks like a lot of hard work!
Lloyd Owen – (laughing) Yes, if someone gave me one. But you know I might break a nail or two felling some trees, so I am not sure. The great thing about being an actor is that film can make you look like an expert in many things. I hope you think I look like I could manage an estate.

Question from sandy: what would you sing at karaoke? would you take your air guitar?
Lloyd Owen: No it would always be Frank Sinatra as my father was a massive fan. And I was made to write down all the lyrics as we listened. But I never sing karaoke as nobody wants to hear Frank Sinatra. You have to chose a song that rocks the house.

Question from Dawn: What do you do to relax?
Lloyd Owen: I play sport usually to relax, football, tennis. Oh and I run a lot. I find running quite meditative.

Question from Zoe: I think you would make a fantastic James Bond, would that kind of role appeal to you?
Lloyd Owen: Yes, I would love to do that.

Question from Kirsti sunshine: Does your character Paul get any "action" in this series? As much as I hate to say it, I think Paul will end up with Lexie!
Lloyd Owen: (laughing again) This is Monarch of the Glen you know. The "action" will be wholesome and beautiful.

Question from Rebecca: Did you go to university and if so, where and what did you study?
Lloyd Owen: No, I went straight from school to drama school, via the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. Formal training at RADA. I wish I had gone to University now. I was in too much of a rush.

Question from Virginia: How long does an average episode of Monarch take to film and can you always remember your lines?
Lloyd Owen: Each episode is three weeks. And no, fortunately unlike the theatre you get a second chance though. The hardest work you do is sitting in your house on your own the night before trying to force them into your head. Some days they go in easier than others.

Question from Sabrina: Do you hate whisky as much as Paul does?
Lloyd Owen: No, I got a rather large taste for whisky when I was up there. It's impossible to refuse a dram in the Highlands. I was introduced to a whisky called Black Bottle. It would have been less painful is somebody had just hit me over the head with it straight away. Rather than how I felt the next day. I lost control of my facial muscles, I knew what I wanted to say but my lips wouldn't work. Just say no to drugs!

Question from Esther: How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve?
Lloyd Owen: Usually at home, with a curry and a bottle of champagne.

Question from poshdarling – Who’s the one actor who you most aspire to?
Lloyd Owen: English actor is Albert Finney. And American actor Gene Hackman. But I love what George Clooney is doing in terms of producing, directing and appearing. It's quite inspirational.

Question from Silverjade: If you weren't an actor, what would you like to be?
Lloyd Owen: I have no idea what else I could do. I once met a diamond dealer and I thought that might be a laugh. Failing that, a job that earned me a lot of money. And was secure. And not subjective.

Question from yes: Do you have any embarrassing habits?
Lloyd Owen: Yes. Plenty but I'm not sharing them with you!

Question from mouse: You have a very dry sense of humour. Any thoughts about working in comedy?
Lloyd Owen: I don't have the courage. I so admire comedians who are to able to stand with their own material and make people laugh. The most nervous I have ever been in terms of performance is giving a Best Man's speech because it was just me and my material. I couldn't blame the writer, and couldn't blame the character.

Question from Darrin: I don't know if you will remember, but we worked together very briefly in Hamleys toy shop about 1984. Do you remember 'skinning' the battery powered dogs & bunnies and laughing at their skeletal remains jumping around on the counter. It was one of the funniest moments I can recall looking back at my time there. p.s. congratulations on your career so far.
Lloyd Owen: I can't believe you found me Darren! You are the original Bunny Boiler. (laughing) Like Hermione, please leave me alone. Yes, I do remember, it was the only way to stop the noise! It was getting in the way of my brilliant Magic Rainbow Drawing Board demonstration.

Question from Duncan: Have your eye's been faked up? Like contacts? They’re very blue!
Lloyd Owen: No they haven't, but even if they had I suppose I wouldn't tell you! Although I find they change according to the clothes I am wearing. It's weird.

Question from Lloydisthebest: How come you have a Yorkshire accent, but you were born in London?
Lloyd Owen: When I joined the series we had a lot of conversations with the producers about where Paul should come from. And decided it couldn't be London or Scotland. We decided on the North of England and I chose Yorkshire as I have some friends and distant family there. I spent some time on a farm up there. I'm glad you recognise it as Yorkshire: and not South Africa!

Question from gnu: Having seen the beautiful scenery was it difficult going back to the Big Smoke?
Lloyd Owen: Big culture shock. I couldn't believe how fast and busy London was. And how mad we all are to live here. But I do love the City and I can't be anywhere else for my career. It's a love hate relationship which I am stuck with.

Question from drambuie: we have just produced a charity male 'nude' calendar in Newtonmore: would you have appeared in it: if asked?? Tastefully of course!
Lloyd Owen: I think the point of that calendar was that they weren't celebrities – hmmm…. it depends!! There would have to be whisky involved…

Final question from fred: what's next in your life?
Lloyd Owen: Tomorrow I do a three day shoot with Brian Cox in the east end of London which is doubling as the Iraqi desert. I am playing a war reporter, so it's very different from Glenbogle.

And the final word from Lloyd: I am delighted to see how strong the support is for Monarch of the Glen and how active everybody is here online. Keep watching as I think it is going to get quite interesting. In fact I know it is!

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Lloyd Owen


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