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29 October 2014
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Live Chat
Hamish Clark
Hamish Clark popped by for a coffee and a chat on Sunday 12th October 2003, following the series 5 episode where Duncan captures the heart of Hermione.

The first question was from Michelle: Hi Duncan, Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the new series and I think you're a great actor. Which series have you enjoyed filming the most?
Hamish:I think probably this series has been the best but closely followed by the second series mainly because of my chum Jason O'Mara who was Feargal .We had a lot of good times in the hills off camera.

Question from bubblysas: Hi Hamish, my question for you is, is Duncan anything like you?
Hamish: What Duncan is an exaggeration of some of me and a sort of suppresion of other bits of my character. But he looks like me!

Question from Nicola: RU as unlucky in love in real life as poor Duncan?
Hamish: No (laughs)

Question from Tamsin: With Archie leaving the show in a few weeks, how are you preparing for Duncan taking his place as the Boglie's heart-throb?
BBC : McHost>BBC McHost: Hamish is staying tight lipped about that!
Hamish: Oh I don't know if anyone could take Al's place as the Boglie's heart-throb…

Question from Karen: You play the sweetest character of all, but do you ever get bored of playing the child in Duncan?

Hamish: No, no no no! Duncan is 'Just William' in a kilt, if you've ever read the books. It's where the comedy comes from, but also it enables you to explore the more thoughtful moments. And I get the best costume!

Question from Crackerdog: Hi Hamish -- loved the recent bomb episode! Just wondering if you wear kilts regularly in 'real life' or if it's just a Duncan thing? (Because you're the best thing I've seen in a kilt!)
Hamish: Of course I wear the kilt, 'cos I go to the Highland Games and open lots of events. I always wear the kilt at weddings and the kilt went down a storm and went up a storm an all, with Hurricane Isobelle!

Question from Mike: What do you keep in your sporran?
Hamish: I keep eyedrops, cigars script!

Question from Debbie1: What is it like working in the countryside as a ranger? would u ever do it in real life?
Hamish: My parents live on a highland estate and so, not that I've ever ghillied, but I have gotten lvery used to that kinda life.

Question from sp82: Would you (or have you) ever do a skydive for charity?
Hamish: I've done lots of things for charity and I would love to skydive but I've never been asked. Although I did do the biggest bungee jump in the world!

Question from John: Do you have any wishes regarding Duncan's character development?
Hamish: No I'm quite happy with the way Duncan is. I like the boy/man thing and I think to make Duncan grow up would be to lose all his charm. We don't need anybody else worrying about grown up things as they're well covered as it is.

Question from taliety: You play a naive character, sometimes very astute, but often very simple. Do you find that people expect you to be like this when you meet them in real life?
Hamish: Yes, I suppose people do expect me to be a bit like that! The thing about Duncan is that he's vulnerable and therefore open and approachable, and that then translates into real life.

Question from Andrea: Hi Hamish, have you read the orginal Compton Mackenzie novel and what did you think of the characters to now?
Hamish : Yes I've read it and loved it.

Question from Kim: What's been your most embarassing moment whilst filming the show?
Hamish : I've never been embarrassed to be honest. The most shy-making moment was probably meeting Susan Hampshire for the first time because it was like meeting a national institution. The original &quot it&quot girl.

Question from fi: Are you planning to do any theatre acting in the future?
Hamish: Obviously Monarch takes up a lot of time but happily scripts have been coming in for theatre projects. Hopefully you'll be able to come and see me sometime relatively soon.

Question from grdineley: It never seems to rain much at Glenbogle, is this true?
Hamish: It was raining on tonight's show, when the workmen were arguing with Archie and Paul, but it normally doesn't show . The props guys constantly dry off cars and the like, but remember there's an on off button on the camera!

Question from Jocasta: Would you like a spin off series, like Frasier got from Cheers and Joey is getting from Friends?
Hamish: It's funny when I see that in the papers - it's very flattering, but I think Duncan's best as part of the Glenbogle team and as an actor I would want to explore other genres when it comes to my own series.

Question from bobnicklin: You seem to have a lot of energy, always running around, you also seem to like to drive fast. How do you relax?
Hamish: I read a lot and this year I went up into the hills and did a lot of climbing but the most relaxing habit, I suppose, was running every night in the hills for an hour. It really cleared my head. And for a very relaxing evening I would read and run at the same time!

Question from Rusie: Where is your best holiday location, hot or cold?
Hamish: Hot! The Vodafone adverts were filmed in Africa and that was a great introduction, in fact the first introduction to distant lands. I've been back to Africa quite a lot.

Question from cinderella03: Is your new Girlfriend going to become a permanent member of Glenbogle?
Hamish: Well, I certainly hope so. The actress is called Hermoine in real life and she's just one of these people with funny bones - she can make you laugh just sitting still. She was also very 'Ace' to work with and I think she'd be a great asset for Glenbogle

Question from angie: Would you like Duncan to be married?
Hamish: It's kinda like the growing up thing. If you've got a happy ending, you've got an ending.…

Question from Liz: When I first heard the voice for Shrek, I thought it was you, obviously it wasn't but would you, or have you ever done a voice over for a cartoon?
Hamish: Oh, definitely I would. it would be fantastic fun to do it. I've even had meetings about it, but it didn't work out.

Question from Nics: On the message board, we call any funny lines or moments by Duncan, &quot: Duncanisms&quot: What would you say your fave &quot: Duncanism&quot: is? (ie: I'm the red Danger, or the bouncy castle scene from S4)?
Hamish: In the first series when Duncan and Lexie were going to go to the ball and he asked her out by saying &quot: I think you're the bonniest lass this side of Perthshire..&quot. It was Golly's idea but I think that it sums up Lexie's national appeal.

Question from IslaA: Are you afraid you'll be typecast as an innocent character? What sort of character would you like to play in future?
Hamish: Well, obviously I'd like to explore other genres so therefore to play even vulnerable characters like Duncan in a more cutting edge drama would have a different range. I don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. I don't think this is typecasting, but obviously playing somebody completely different would be very exciting, and happily scripts are coming in for TV and film where I would be able to do this.

Question from Tomskers: Would you consider being the next Dr Who? I think you'd be fab!
Hamish: That's kind. I've never thought about being Dr Who, but it would be great to join that particular line of actors.

Question from Sara: I'm really interested in acting and I'm taking Drama GCSE. Do you have any tips for me?
Hamish: There's no rush. You've got to live a bit of life to be able to portray it, so don't worry about going off to drama school straight after normal school. Get some experience and then drama school will mean much more to you. Of course you don't need to go to drama school
but it helps you get some idea of what the industry really is about

Question from Dundeebud: Hamish, as one of the long-suffering teachers from Grove Academy who remembers you well, how did what you learned there help you in your acting career?
Hamish : The main thing was to keep going. Sometimes you can take a lead from people getting on with what they believe in and despite sometimes feeling you're on your own perserverance is the answer. Some of my teachers at Grove flew their own way and were a great example.

Question from lou1: have you ever thought about being a stand up comedian? you make me laugh equally as much as my fave lee evans!
Hamish: Way back in the past, I did do some stand up at the Edinburgh Fringe but I'm not really a stand up comedian, although I love to go to the gigs at the Fringe and it's still makes me nervous just watching someone else do it.

Question from jj: If you could pick one CD to listen to on a desert island, what would it be?
Hamish: A Hard Day's Night

Question from Margot: What flavor of ice cream are you?
Hamish: I like White ice cream!!

Question from: Emma2. Bath or Shower?
Hamish: (laughs)You need both. A shower after a bath...

Question from Ginge: If you were to play a bad guy, how would you like to be portrayed, i.e. as am in-your-face thug / smart calculating criminal mastermind?
Hamish : Smart calculating criminal mastermind every time! You get to wear much better suits
and generally, I think, grace and finesse is much more attractive than thuggery.

BBC: McHost. Just time for one more question I'm afraid...Hamish is choosing it!

Question from Gill1: Who has been the biggest influence in your personal and professional life?
Hamish: Wierdly, it was Brideshead Revisited that made me go into acting. it was such an important novel to me and the adaptation was immaculate. And, in my personal life, in terms of acting Angus McFadyen was a great help and a good friend.

Final word from Hamish: Thanks very much everybody, good luck and see you next Sunday.
love Hamish x

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Hamish Clark


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