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29 October 2014
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Live Chat
Dawn Steele
Dawn Steele joined us for the first live chat of series 5, on Sunday 28th September.
The first question was from Ruth:

Hi Dawn I love your hair! It really suits you!! I would just like to know how long did it take you to film the 5th series? Are you still filming now?
Dawn Steele: Yes, still filming now - it takes us nearly seven months. This series is a bit longer too.

Question from Laura: Lexie has changed quite a bit since series 1, do you prefer playing the series 1 Lexie or the series 5 Lexie?
Dawn Steele: Well, I prefer series 5 Lexie because there is a lot more going on in this series. I was just a kid when I started and a lot has happened in that time.

Question from kim: Have any of the cast got any bad habits u can share?
Dawn Steele: (Struggling a bit and laughing) Not that I can share... I don't really want to say! Nothing that sticks out too badly.

Question from Avril: If Archie was whisking Lexie away for a surprise holiday what 2 items do you think she would not leave without?
Dawn Steele: I don't think she would leave behind her mascara (or is that me I’m thinking about), oh, and her apron!!!!

Question from: Lynn Ever thought of yourself as the next Bond lady?
Dawn Steele: (Laughing) All the time!!! No, but I'd really love to be a Scottish Bond girl. I don't know if that would happen though - I don't think Halle Berry is getting much competition from me!!!

Question from Christine: If you could write a script what would u want to happen to Lexie?
Dawn Steele: If I could I would dip a bit deeper into her past. I suppose I would like to write about the Caribbean too - so we could all go there!!!

Question from Sara: How long are the hours usually that you have to work on set?
Dawn Steele: We start at 8 o'clock and often work til late. So tomorrow I am being picked up at 6.05 and it’s a long day, nearly 13 hours!

Question from Stephanie: However drop-dead-gorgeous Archie is, do you think that you could endure the moans and moods of him in real life?!
Dawn Steele: Well he's not like that in real life! That's the nice thing about the relationship - that she will put up with his moans.

Question from Jenna: If you could change anything about Lexie's character, what would you change? (Would you change anything?)
Dawn Steele: I wouldn't change a thing! Well, maybe a bit thinner (laughing). I think she has really developed over the past five years. I might make her a little less moany.

Question from Jenny: If you could pick Paul, Golly, Duncan or Archie (in real life) who would be your perfect man?
Dawn Steele: (laughing) Alastair/Archie I think… closely followed by Golly.

Question from geosprite: The Key was a pretty intense bit of drama...did playing the part affect you and how do you unwind after a day's shoot?

Dawn Steele: Yes, I found it a really hard shoot. I went on to it straight after Monarch for four weeks. It was very intense and after a day I would be absolutely knackered. We did have a couple of nights out but apart from that very little relaxation.

Question from brenna: Do you think the writers of Monarch of the Glen would ever consider making a M.O.T.G. movie, if they did, would you join them?
Dawn Steele: Ah, I don't think so. I don't think it would have enough story lines. I’m not sure that small series to movies work that well…unless of course it was set in the Caribbean. ;0) Yeah, definitely then.

Question from Gary: Hi Dawn! Do you personally think MOTG should carry on after Archie leaves and possibly Lexie also?
Dawn Steele: As long as there are more stories to be told it should carry on. We won't know about series 6 until Christmas time. Alastair leaving throws open a lot of new storylines. I think it can and should carry on.

Question from Jambo: What do you miss most when filming finishes?
Dawn Steele: The people! It’s awful… I'm dreading it when we finish next week. I cry so much saying goodbye. We're like a family really, I'll miss them so much.

Question from calines: Have you any more projects in the pipeline?
Dawn Steele: Yeah, I've got a holiday planned and then I am going to do a play at the Traverse Theatre. It’s part of the Slab Boys Trilogy written by John Byrne. It's called "Cutting a Rug" and I play Bernadette. It’s set in the 1950's. I’ve not done Theatre in a while. It'll be on in the new year.

Question from zchthemaster: What are your secrets for looking so you workout a lot/eat healthily?
Dawn Steele: I do exercise and try to eat healthy. I've got a lot fitter this year. There is a lot of time to work out. I'm not one for dieting really.

Question from sarah: Where would you yourself rather want to be; Scotland or new York?
Dawn Steele: I would like to be here just now because it’s our last week but it would be nice to go to New York. I’m going to Kenya on holiday when we finish.

Question from Jenny: What was it like filming your last scene as Lexie with Alastair as Archie? Dawn Steele: Awful!!! Heartbreaking and very odd. Filming Alastair's leaving scene was a bit weird – a really emotional time. We keep in touch all the time though, you have to just get on with it don't you. It’s been fine.

Question from Therese: I have read recently about your trip Down Under.....Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself....I'd like to know what you liked (or didn't like) about Australia and where you would like to live if ever you had the chance to move here for a while?
Dawn Steele: I would like to live in Sydney, in Paddington, a place where my friends live. What I didn't like was missing my friends and family. It’s so far away and difficult to keep in touch because of the time difference. I loved everything though, it was great!

Question from Tim: To date all the roles you have played appear to have been of Scottish origin. Do you ever wish for the opportunity to play a role who originates from elsewhere in the UK, or the World, so that you use your acting talents to master another dialect?
Dawn Steele: Yeah, I would love to. At the moment Monarch takes up most of my time. It’s hard when you start to get pigeon-holed but next I want to focus on something different. I do try out a different accent in episode 11 of the new series though !!

Question from Pratterson: Have you ever got international fanmail, as Monarch is shown in so many countries?
Dawn Steele: Yeah, I get loads from Sweden, America, Iceland and all over. It’s fantastic. I even had some from India!!! Amazing...

Question from tony: Do you dictate your changes in Lexie hairstyles ?
Dawn Steele: Yeah, I do have a say. We try to keep it different and quite funky. We thought the blonde streaks at the front were very Lexie. I have grown my fringe out as we’ve filmed the series though - it was annoying me.

Question from Marije: How do you kill the "dead moments" in between filming the takes?
Dawn Steele: We drink lots of tea and coffee and chat and read a bit. I do a lot of shopping from mail order catalogues!!! Too much. (laughs)

Question from tillymaud: I have just moved from Essex to Aberdeen, any tips on how to keep warm on the cold Scottish nights for a Southern Softie?
Dawn Steele: (laughing) Move back down! No, really, a wee dram will keep you going or there’re always thermal undies!!

Question from jambomans: Do u get noticed in the street a lot?
Dawn Steele: A bit but not really. I don't get it much as the others. I look quite different in real life and sometimes people don't realise it’s me.

Question from amybarrett: What is your favourite type of food?
Dawn Steele: Um, I love Italian food or any kind of food really. I really like seafood too. We play silly games like that to fill time too while we’re between scenes, you know… “If you had to eat one kind of food for the rest of your life what would you pick?”

Question from cemarchant: Do you dress like Lexie in real life?
Dawn Steele: No, there are some cross-overs though. I dress a bit more like Lexie now than five years ago.

Question from dickbarton: Where are you just now? In the Glenbogle Post Office answering these questions or in a studio elsewhere?
Dawn Steele: No, I'm in my house in the highlands on the phone.
Final Question from Camilla: Congrats on being a fab actress! Do you think there will be another series of Monarch and if so will Archie and Lexie be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet?
Dawn Steele: Oh my goodness!! We haven’t finished this one yet! I don't know. We won’t know about any further Monarch until Christmas time. If you want another series you'll have to keep watching though as the series is commissioned depending on viewing figures!
Sorry, have to go now as I have an early start. Hope you all enjoyed the chat and please keep watching as there are lots of things going to be happening in Glenbogle.
Love to all Boglies right around the world xxx
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Dawn Steele


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