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29 October 2014
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Live Chat
Dawn Steele
Dawn Steele was in for a live chat on Sunday December 30th 2001, following the series 3 episode where her character, Lexie, accepted a proposal of marriage from the Laird of Glenbogle, Archie.
Here’s the first question.....

Question from Geoff W: What do you most like about your part?
Dawn Steele: I like her fiestiness! But I also like the fact that she's generally quite a happy part to play who gets nice one-liners! But I can see a few more tears coming before the end of the series .

Question from Sam: Do you fancy Archie in real life?
Dawn Steele: No, but Alastair and I are very good friends. And he's already taken!

Question from Leo_McLaughlin: What has happened to Katrina?
Dawn Steele: Obviously you didn't catch that episode! She was offered a job in London which she just couldn't turn down, much to Lexie's delight!

Question from Elysium: Will the show ever be the same when Hector's character leaves?
Dawn Steele: I will be very sad to see Richard leave. And I think the show next year will be quite a different show without him, but I think there's lots more in Glenbogle to explore. I don't think Lexie will miss his cheekiness, but Dawn (me!) will miss him!

Question from Chirpy Finch: Please say it works for you and Arch?
Dawn Steele: Without giving it all away, let's just say that there is a few more hitches on the road to happiness! But you'll just have to watch and find out if we reach that happiness!

Question from Lee Inglis: Did you like the red ball gown?
Dawn Steele: I loved wearing it. It was made especially for me at Vivienne Westwood. But it was very difficult to dance in.

Question from Alex Daly: Do you really like cooking in your own time?
Dawn Steele: Yeah, I do enjoy cooking but I don't get to do it as often as I'd like. I'm very good at lasagne, so I'm told!

Question from Marc Smeets: As a viewer from Belgium the whole Glenbogle team made me love Scotland even more...Congratulations !!
Dawn Steele: Glad to hear that the programme is popular in Belgium, but Scotland's never usually that sunny! Don't believe everything you see!

Question from Vicki Payne: Do you know how much longer the programme goes on for and do you want to stay acting on it until the end?
Dawn Steele: We will definitely be doing another series I'm pleased to say, but I don't know how long I will be in the show, or how long the series will continue. There are at least another 10 episodes to go, though.

Question from Becky Watson: If you were not an actress what would you be?
Dawn Steele: Very difficult question! The only two things that I can do is acting (sometimes!) and waitressing - which I'm also told I'm very good at! I'd like to be dancing or maybe have gone to art school.

Question from Sharon White: Was there any reason why your hair colour changed this year. Do the script writers decide this?
Dawn Steele: My hair colour changed last year. This year's is my natural colour. No, script writers don't have a say in this, but between myself, the director and my makeup artist, Marian, we decide on Lexie's look. This year I thought I'd give my hair a rest!

Question from Lynne: Do you still talk to the wardrobe mistress that made you wear that big red meringue of a dress...not your usual sexy style was it?
Dawn Steele: That was on purpose - to make the dress not Lexie's usual style - she doesn't normally wear stuff like that in the kitchen! And the meringue was appropriate!

Question from Simon Barraclough: Do you do any theatre in between filming the series?
Dawn Steele: I would love to do more theatre than I actually do but filming takes up a lot of my time. Hopefully after the next series of Monarch - but since leaving drama school I've only done one stage show.

Question from Bev Harris: How do I get signed photos of you all?
Dawn Steele: If you really want one, send a stamped address envelope to my agent's address: Peter Fraser and Dunlop in London.

Question from Claire Pullan: Do you and the rest of the cast get together in between filming?
Dawn Steele: Well, we do live together when we're filming, so it's hard not to see each other but we all get on brilliantly and live in one big house together.

Question from Eric Voigt: Is there a real Glenbogle tourist tour?
Dawn Steele: Yeah, I'm sure there's a Monarch of the Glen tour that you can go on and see the different places where we film and you get to see the house. I'm not sure who you'd contact, but I'd try the Tourist Board.

Question from Peter Clarke: Do you feel as if you're out of the public eye 'cos of being away filming for 6 months at a time?
Dawn Steele: Yeah, a bit, because where we live up north, they're all so used to us now! It's funny to come back to Glasgow and get people staring, but to be honest, I don't get mobbed! Everyone's quite nice about it.

Question from Jean Mclean: Will you be involved in anything other than Monarch of the Glen?
Dawn Steele: Yes, I've start filming a new series for BBC Scotland called Snoddie - with Gregor Fisher - the delightful Rab C Nesbitt. I will be an airhead lawyer - a nice change from Lexie.

Question from Gary Jones: Do you have your own offical website?
Dawn Steele: No, I haven't as yet, I've never really thought about it until you asked me that question! Maybe I should, I'm not sure. I'm not very good with computers, I'm afraid.
Dawn Steele: Happy 39th birthday to Keith Harris, who can't be with us for the chat tonight, but sent this request in last week.

Question from Brian Banton: Evening Dawn. You state you would like to do more of theatre work. Why is this preferable?
Dawn Steele: The two of them are so different. I wouldn't say theatre was more preferable. I've just done more television since leaving drama school. Theatre is much more nerve-wracking and keeps you on your toes!

Question from Rodney Maclean: Do you agree would you like to be the next Bond girl?
Dawn Steele: I would absolutely love to be the first Scottish Bond girl! But somehow I doubt that's going to happen in the near future!

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Dawn Steele


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