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How to play - Quick guide

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Please remember to read the rules before you play. If you have any questions, please read the frequently asked questions section or the detailed instructions.

Think you can beat the BBC SPORT Scotland pundits at their own game? Then The Predictor is the game for you. Accumulate the highest score for predicting the outcome of the six Clydesdale Bank Premier League games and earn bragging rights with your pals that you know the beautiful game inside out.

The Predictor is a season-long game. Each week, simply enter your score predictions and try to top the overall Predictor season league table.

You can enter your predictions any time from seven days before kick-off right up until almost kick-off. However, don't leave it until the very last minute before kick-off in case your internet connection is too slow to get your predictions entered in time.

You receive one point for a correctly predicted result (win, lose or draw) and three points for an exact scoreline. You can also double points for an individual match by clicking on the joker. Jokers double points in the SPL game you choose.

The player with the most points at the end of the season is the winner. There are no prizes on offer.

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