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16 October 2014
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BBC Scottish Sports Personality of the Year

Here are some of your suggestions for BBC Scottish Sport Personality 2003:
Scott Harrison   Scott Harrison - Boxing
"After his battling performance at the weekend - there is only one man who should be in contention for the award - Scott Harrison. Scott is the only Scottish boxer ever to become a 2-time world champion- a truly historic sporting achievement." Rehman Mohamed
Chris Paterson   Chris Paterson - Rugby
"He played absolutely superb rugby for Scotland in his new position as stand off and kicked superbly. He was the second top point scorer in the entire Rugby World Cup tournament until Scotland were eliminated in the quarter-finals (yes, indeed he managed to score more points than Jonny Wilkinson until that stage).He is truly an outstanding sportsman and he is a credit to his country. He is a superb ambassador for Scotland and he is a lovely humble young man." Fiona Ford
Bella Comerford   Bella Comerford - Triathlete
"There was however one young lady doing her bit for Scotland in the sunnier weather of Florida. Bella Comerford of Aberdeenshire won the Florida Ironman for the second year in a row. The course involved a 2.4 mile sea-swim, 100+ mile cycle and the 26.2 miles of a marathon. She was also 4th in the World Championships and has been voted the British Long Distance Triathlete of 2003." Robin McNelis

Christian Dailly   Christian Dailly - Football
"I think Christian Dailly should be in for the award after the interview he gave which said that he will only play the Scottish way, play your best and fair rather than having to cheat to try and win." Stuart Wilson
Allan McNish   Allan McNish - Motor Racing
Tony Scott believes Allan McNish should be considered. The ex-Formula One driver, will be part of Audi's British all-star team to challenge for next season's Le Mans 24 Hours title.
Alain Baxter   Alain Baxter - Skiing
"I think you should consider Alain Baxter. To make a return to skiing after what happened to him after the Olympics and be competitive is an amazing effort." Allan Jones
Alex Marshall   Alex Marshall - Bowls
"Please consider the current WORLD Indoor Bowls Champion Alex Marshall who is also the current holder of both World and Commonwealth Pairs titles." Alastair J.Douglas
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