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17 October 2014

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Listed below are some questions you may have about A Sporting Nation.

  1. What is this website all about?

  2. A Sporting Nation celebrates the success stories in Scottish sport over the past few hundred years. It also focuses on the tragedies too, like the Ibrox Disaster, and the sorrow of Jock Stein's death in Cardiff in 1985. The idea is to make the website a great resource for anyone interested in Scottish sport. There are almost 100 articles on everything from shinty to darts to cycling. Wherever possible, we have tried to provide audio and video clips, photos and links to useful websites to go with each article.

    We have plans to team up with SportScotland and the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh to use the contents of this site in the permanent exhibition being planned for the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame.
  1. What is in the timeline on the homepage?

  2. The timeline is split into nine eras. Its purpose is to give users an idea of the range of material in A Sporting Nation. Click on the tab for any era at the bottom of the timeline to read the opening paragraph for that article. Follow the link to read the full article.

    There is much more content in the site, though. There are another 50 or so articles that are not featured in the timeline. Why not view the complete list of articles by date or by sport?
  1. How can I contribute to the site?

  2. There are three ways to contribute to A Sporting Nation.

    First, you can comment on an article by following the comment link on the right-hand side of the article page.

    Secondly, you can visit the Contact Us page for information on how to comment on the site as a whole, perhaps offering opinions on how it could be improved.

    Thirdly, we would be delighted to receive articles, images and/or audio/video content that you possess that would be of interest to visitors to the site. Who knows? Maybe there's old footage of great historical interest lying in your attic! Maybe someone has a photo of Pat Clinton in an early amateur bout, or of motorcyclist Jimmie Guthrie posing with their grandfather. You can contribute an article or item here.

    More than anything, we hope this website will encourage fans of Scottish sport to contribute their opinions, stories and personal photos of sporting events they have attended. We know there are gaps in the content and we hope you will help us fill them to make the site as comprehensive as possible.

  1. Is it just a website or will there be TV and radio programmes too?

  2. The website ties in with a five-part Radio Scotland series of the same name, which will be broadcast at 11.05am on five consecutive Mondays from 31 October 2005.
  1. How do I watch the video clips or listen to the radio clips?

  2. You'll need RealPlayer to access the audio and video content on the site. You can download it free by clicking here.

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