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16 October 2014

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Have either of you had any amorous advances from any of the boys?
Jenny: No. Well, they’re really friendly and they make you feel welcome and ask you to sign a few posters and things like that, but it’s more the boys actually - the skiiers and snowboarding boys. The girls are asking ‘will the boys be at the competition?’ and things like that, which is quite funny.

Is it weird when people ask you to sign things?
Lesley: Yeah, it is kind of strange but, you know [laughs].
Jenny: It is nice. You are thinking ‘I’m no different to you really, it’s just that I’m disciplined in doing something and do it well', and that’s what I always tell them - that ‘you’re just as likely to be in my position if you stick at whatever you want to do, whether it be art or music or photography’. It’s just important for kids to find a passion that keeps them going for things.
Lesley: That really is so important in life, and if you can find something to be passionate about, then I think it makes your life really worthwhile.

What food do you miss most when you’re away from home?
Jenny: Proper tea [laughs]! Totally!
Lesley: I think I’d have to agree with Jenny. And Irn Bru.
Jenny: In Europe, the milk’s a bit dodgy as well, and you get UHT milk. You do get most things, but Branston Pickle comes a close second as well.

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What advice would you give to kids in the UK who want to snowboard, given that there’s not much snow?
Lesley: The AIM Series is a perfect way to get into snowboarding. If they go along to any of the events, they can try either skiing or snowboarding for free. You’ve got to register on the website which is So if they get on the website and register and then get along to an event, they can have a free lesson with free equipment and then they can get advice on how to take up snowboarding and skiing.
Jenny: Yeah, and if the AIM Series isn’t in their area, there are a lot of dry slopes that they might not realise are quite near to them - like there’s one in Bristol and other areas like that. And it doesn’t cost a lot to begin with - you can hire all the gear and just have a go that way really.

Tangent - Can you name one thing that you’ve ever bought that seemed like a good idea but was a total waste of money?
Lesley: Numerous, ridiculous clothes to go out partying in, and have been worn once.
Jenny: A unicycle [both laugh]. I can ride it and I learnt at Christmas, but that was about it and I’ve never had it out since.

Let's do some quick-fire questions

Do chicks dig scars?

Jenny: Yes. But it depends on the story [laughs].

If you could be sponsored by either a fast car company, a pie company, an alcohol company or music and film company?
Lesley: Fast Car.
Jenny: Yeah, fast car [both laugh].

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?
Both: Lord of the Rings!

Burgers or pies?
Jenny: Pies.
Lesley: Burgers.

Meat or veg?
Both: Veg.

Beer or cider?
Both: Neither.

Girlie things or non-girlie things?
Lesley: A mixture.

Rad or Dope?
Jenny: Dope.
Lesley: Oh, I’m not sure about those two [laughs].
Jenny: You can have ‘Rad’ and I’ll have ‘Dope’.

Going bigger or doing a harder trick?
Lesley: Going bigger.
Jenny: [Thinks] I think harder tricks.

Roll-on or spray?
Lesley: Roll-on.
Jenny: Spray. Oh, but that’s bad for the environment though, isn’t it [laughs]?

Darth Vadar or Han Solo?
Lesley: Han Solo.
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