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20 April 2014
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Will Smyth, wallride
Name, job title?
William Smyth, editor and designer of Dig magazine and I live in Belfast.

How long have you been running Dig?
For about eight years now. The first sort of six and a half years were sort of er, quite chilled out. Like for the first four to five years I sort of published it myself as and when I wanted to, it was just kind of a hobby
really, then we got a publisher and it became sort of regular but then the publishers ran into complications so then we had to change publisher and now it’s been published bi-monthly for over a year and a half.

Sproket grind
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How did you get to be such good pals with all the pros?
Erm, I guess I’ve been into BMX since 1980, so I grew up just travelling to the states, reading the magazines, travelling across to America and then I met a lot of those riders that now own companies and so on. Like I met them when they were just riders like me, just at
the events and we just became friends. And we also, quite a long time ago, like in the mid 80s, myself and a couple of friends from over here, we started a little BMX company making like, we had to all go race BMX so we made number plates and T-shirts and things like that and our stuff was actually really popular in the States and we were pretty much the first non-American company to become popular over there y’know?

What was the company called?
It was called Jive.

So you were like, underground?
Yeah (laughs). Yíknow it was just sort of like a dumb little company but we kind of got quite friendly with the guys who ran BMX Action magazine and so we got some photographs in there, so I guess we got known a bit so when it came to starting the magazine a few years ago, people sort of knew who we were.

So if you know all of the owners of these companies, do you blag all your bikes and components?
Course I do!

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What bike do you ride then?
Well at the minute I ride a Federal, because I work for them designing all their graphics but then again theyíre just my mates anyway so probably if I didnít ride a Federal Iíd ride a Terrible One.

Do you still get excited when you get a new bike?
Yeah, but itís actually been that long since Iíve had a new bike, and I donít even get to ride it nearly as much as I used to because Iíve had lots of bad injuries and whatnot - basically Iím just a wreck and I hardly ever get to ride and sometimes when I do ride I donít really enjoy it just because I get injured so quickly and so I suppose all the energy I used to put into riding goes into doing this [Dig] now.


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