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August 2011

After Life rotbox Panorama of the After Life rotbox

After Life is a unique combination of television programme and public exhibit. It explores the hidden world of one of natures fundamental processes: decay.

Rainy street scene featuring people with umbrellas Is Scotland's weather getting worse?

How does Summer 2011 compare to previous years?

May 2011

Prehistoric scene of dinosaurs with meteor impact behind End of the world: armageddon or asteroids?

There is another end of the world prediction for Saturday, 21 May 2011 but what is a more likely scenario for the end of the world? Professor John Brown, Scotland's Astronomer Royal, explains the threats from sun, stars and asteroids.

Doctor Yan Wong Experiments Live with Dr Yan from Bang Goes the Theory

Dr Yan of Bang Goes the Theory presents Experiments Live and answers your questions.

February 2011

Professor Rob Ivison working at computer How astronomy in Scotland helps us understand the birth of galaxies

Professor Rob Ivison takes us to the edge of space to learn about how galaxies evolve.

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