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About Pinball

Pinball is all about your ideas. There's four fun and simple ways to make your thoughts get busy. You can blurt out your ideas, organise them, mix them up, distort them, map them and even decide between them (that’s always the hard bit).

Dot Dash for Firing Out Ideas.
Blurt out words and images fast and connect them together to capture your ideas quickly and easily.

Drop Zone for Making Quick Decisions.
Make quick, instinctive choices - load in images and words and then make decisions about them - against the clock.

Wild Reels for Mixing Up Ideas.
Mix up different sets of images and words to create new combinations of ideas.

Snap Shot for Playing with Images.
Play with images using different tools to help inspire new visual ideas and thoughts.

Other Ideas

There are plenty of ways to get creative without using a computer. Here are some top tips for developing the ideas you have, or for inspiring new ones:


For Firing out Ideas:

For Making Quick Decisions:

For Mixing Up Ideas:

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