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There are plenty of ways to get creative without using a computer. Here are some top tips for developing the ideas you have, or for inspiring new ones:


For Firing out Ideas:

For Making Quick Decisions:

For Mixing Up Ideas:

Keeping a dream diary

Your mind is very creative while it's asleep. Make the most of it and capture your sleeping thoughts in a dream diary.

  • Write down the dream events in the order they happened. Spot any connections?
  • Keep a careful note of characters. Who are they? What did they do?
  • Record details of any non-human characters. Were there animals or objects that behaved as if they were alive?
  • Note anything that recurs in your dreams.
  • Write down any dialogue.
  • Describe the locations and settings in as much detail as possible.
  • Note the colours you see. Are they associated with particular places, people, emotions?
  • Log your emotional responses to everything.

If you're stuck for an idea, look through your dream diary for inspiration. If you include a dream diary in your visual diary then everything will be in the same place.

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