Using Snap Shot

Step 1: Add an image to play with using the ideas box

First pick an idea to play with from the ideas box. Click the ‘Image’ tab to select an image, then click it to put it on the drawing board. For words, select the ‘Text’ tab, then click the tick. Use ‘Lucky Dip’ for a random image or word.

Step 2: Use the tools to play with the image

Use the tools to play with your idea. Reflect, rotate, scale, bend, erase or cut to get different effects.

Step 3: To draw on the idea, use the pen tool and colour wheel

Use the pen tool and the colour wheel to draw onto your idea.

Step 4: Click 'Finish' to Print, Save or Flip your idea to another tool

When you're done, click ‘Finish’ to ‘Save’ or ‘Print’ your new idea, or ‘Flip’ it to another Pinball tool to do something new with it.