Using Drop Zone

Step 1: Add images or words using the ideas box

To add ideas, use the ideas box. For words, select the ‘Text’ tab, then click the tick. For an image, click the ‘Image’ tab and browse to select your image. When it's in the box, click it and it will appear in the cloud. Use the ‘Lucky Dip’ tab if you want a random image or word.

Step 2: Label the zones using the 'Name It' field

Name the zones by clicking on the ‘Name It’ field.

Step 3: Click 'Add Zone' for more zones

Click ‘Add Zone’ to add another - you can have up to four. Click on the cross to delete one.

Step 4: Click 'GO' to begin

When all your ideas are in the cloud, click ‘Go!’. You can adjust the speed using the dial.

Step 5: Click the zone you want as the ideas move past

As the ideas speed by, quickly make your decision and select a zone. Don't worry if you run out of time before it disappears, it will come round again.

Step 6: When finished you can Refine, Print, Save or Flip ideas to another tool

Now take a look at the results. Click ‘Finish’ to ‘Save’ or ‘Print’ your choices, or ‘Flip’ them to another Pinball tool. You can also ‘Refine’ a set of ideas by sending them through the process again. To start over click ‘Try Again’.