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16 October 2014

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  • The Finish

    A selection of pictures from Paris

  • Lahore, Pakistan

    Lahore, India

    Although it wasn't officially the end of a stage, Mark asserts that riding into Lahore certainly felt like one! Our TV crew flew out to meet up with him and shot these great photos. Check that beard!

    +31&deg 33' 32.22" +74&deg 19' 37.26"

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  • Ezurum, Turkey

    Ezurum, Turkey

    Mark's still in Turkey and having a ball, but all those days of riding in dust and lorry fumes have taken their toll and so he was finally forced to make a brave decision...sleep in a hotel for a night and have a shower!

    +39&deg 58' 54.24" N +41&deg 29' 19.26" W

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  • The End of Leg 1: Istanbul, Turkey

    Mark in Istanbul

    Who would have ever believed that Leg 1 was going to be so difficult? Well it's over now and here are some photos of a very relieved (and beardy!) Mark in Istanbul, where he enjoyed his first days off, before heading back out...

    +41&deg 0' 11.22" N +28&deg 58' 57.18" W

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  • Western Europe

    Mark in Western Europe

    Not wanting to fulfill any stereotypes or anything but Western Europe was WET! Still, Mark seemed happy; check the smile on his face :-)

    051&deg 08.423N" N 005&deg 36.019E" E

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  • Paris: The Start Line!


    Mark began (and will end) his epic journey in Paris and if you're going to do it in Paris, you might as well start from the Champs Elysees. In 210 days he'll hopefully be back again...

    +48 52' 25.32" N +2 17' 42.02" W

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  • Filming and MORE Tests In Around Loch Fyne

    Mark undergoing a test

    The day in the lab was valuable because all of the conditions could be controlled, however, we obviously also needed some more 'real world' results, so we went up to Loch Fyne for some field tests.

    51 28' 22.86" N 9 11' 2.46" W

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  • Tests at Glasgow University

    Mark undergoing a test

    Due to the extreme nature of Mark's journey, part of his support team comes in the form of Dr Niall McFarlane, a sports scientist at Glasgow Uni. On this day, we spent time in the lab, testing Mark's body in all kinds of colourful ways.

    55° 52' 21.93 N 4° 17' 26.51 W

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