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16 October 2014

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Mark Beaumont's Diary

Mark Beaumont

Despite adding about 2kg to his overall kit weight, Mark carried a laptop, GPS tracker, three cameras and a voice recorder to help him document his journey.

He sent us text messages and phoned from the road and whenever he passed through civilisation, he popped into internet cafés to email pictures and videos.

Blown Away (well nearly)!

Mark Beaumont, Wednesday, 21 November 2007.

News just in from Nundroo:

Mon 19th - he camped in a beautiful position where the last tracker recording is before the battery ran out. He set his tent up with a south east wind in mind, however, half way through night, was awoken with tent all around him and the west wind blowing a gale! Great for cycling but not for the tent position overlooking the cliffs! He spent the rest the night lying on top of everything (including tent) to stop them blowing away!

A west wind continued through the day and he cycled 205km to reach 45km beyond Nullabor. Still same food situation (e.g. 'burgers') but he should reach Ceduna in day or two and be able to stock up.

He also met up with the support team for a cyclist who is going for the World Record cycling route that Mark just covered - from Western Australia to Southern Australia!

More soon...


Keep it going cuz!! You are doing so well, lots of love xxxx
posted by Verity MacLeod from Kent

Norma Corlette told us all about you! Hope you'll be able to visit us sometime to tell our young people of your triumphs and challenges. All the best with the rest of your trip. Morag/Headteacher
posted by Barrhead High School from Scotland

Well done and an inspiration to everyone ! I have followed your story over the months and glad to hear you are almost there !!
posted by Kenny McKay from East Kilbride Road Club

I've just been watching this on BBC Iplayer and really am in awe. Mark really is an inspiration to me. Great viewing
posted by Dom Parker from Sussex

Mark, that's been great all you've done!I've been watching your adventures on BBC Scotand. Absolutely amazing! I'd be happy to have a DVD or so of "The Man Who cycled the World". Let us know if anything available (if not yet- a great advice for your action!). Good luck!
posted by Ritsa Ankvab from Scotland

Been watching the series on iplayer ...very well done Mark Your an inspiration to all
posted by Ray Statter from Bannockburn

please can you produce a dvd of Mark's amazin g journey. The whole family have loved it!
posted by cheryl from somerset

as a non cyclist,was really interested in the first leg of your journey.Look forward to the next episode.Good luck!
posted by georgesmith from liverpool

well done mark hope you write the book it will be a great read
posted by paul grammer from northampton

Hi Mark, your trip bought back the memories of a cycling trip I did in 1995 with 3 friends to India from UK, and we followed the Silk Route, and it took us 6 months...the most memorable was cycling was that 600KM stretch from Zahedan to Quetta, and following the railway line every day, with cronic tummy ache (from the change of chicken and rice diet in Iran to fried food)and burning the odd railway plank for cooking, and camping under the stars every night! We did not have an escort, and were stopped by tribesman with their guns - all were friendly though and pre-9/11. Finally arriving in the lush green over that mountain pass into the Punjab, and then filling up with food in Multan on my birthday!! All the best. Chris.
posted by Chris Randall from Basingstoke

Mark, I've done 3 sides of the USA and I'm living your TV program. How do your tyres stand up to the terrible road surfaces? Could you use heavier gauge spokes? Your internal gear looks terrific. The weight you carry is huge. You're right, a headwind is hell. I did same route Ca-Fl, dying to see your film of this bit. Well done.
posted by John Palmer from Dorset

Mark-you are fabulous! I've been watching every night on BBC. Absolutely amazing stuff, you and your family must be so proud of you. Well done.
posted by Claire from Newcastle upon Tyne

best tv in ages a must see, program, really down to earth fella , who deserves at the very least a blue peter badge well done mark
posted by micky cook from halifax

Mark I watched your documentary on BBC Iplayer. You an inspiration to me. Well done especially after such a narrow escape with the car and mugging. Mark
posted by Mark Black from Marlow Bucks

well done you a fantastic result, the programmes were fantastic i too would love to have a dvd and book to follow your adventures again and again, all the best, xkx
posted by Katherine from south wales

Great endeavour, fabulous trip, beautiful scenery, awful person. Could the BBC not find a better human!? Constantly complaining! Complaining that it’s Ramadan, don’t go there during the Ramadan then; complaining about police, don’t ask their protection then…..No gratitude, no respect, no interest, just me me me. Just call the program “the man who cycled the world and hated every inch of it”
posted by Frederik from The Netherlands

Well Done Mark!!!!!
posted by Alix from Lossiemouth

Many congratulations Mark. An amazing achievement. However, I was saddened to see you kill a beautiful, perfectly harmless Huntsman spider with the excuse that 'I think it's a Huntsman & they are deadly'. In fact the worst you'd get is a bite & then only if you upset the spider in some way. I lived in Australi for over 10 1/2 tears & most Aussies are happy to share their homes with the odd Huntsman as they eat flies, mozzies & lots of little nasties. They also don't make webs. It's the little spiders that are usually harmful. Remember too that you were in his (or probably her, if the spider's really big) territory. Respect life please, Mark.
posted by Lesley Richardson from Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire

Well done Mark. Been enjoying watching the repeat of this series on BBC Scotland.
posted by Rob from Scotland

I've just watched episodes 1 and 2 on the iplayer but can not find anymore... Were there any more made and will there be a DVD of the whole journey?
posted by Chris from Shropshire UK

Well Done Mark! But please help! I need the DVD of your trip .. we missed the last episode!
posted by Jean Ferguson from Scarborough North Yorkshire

Mark your journey was amazing... Please Please make a DVD so i can watch it again.
posted by Angelo Aviles from Cardiff

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