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16 October 2014

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Mark Beaumont's Diary

Mark Beaumont

Despite adding about 2kg to his overall kit weight, Mark carried a laptop, GPS tracker, three cameras and a voice recorder to help him document his journey.

He sent us text messages and phoned from the road and whenever he passed through civilisation, he popped into internet cafés to email pictures and videos.

4000 miles baby!

Mark Beaumont, Tuesday, 18 September 2007.

Just so you know, as of yesterday, Mark had cycled 4000 miles (from Paris) so is nearly a quarter of his way round already!

Mark was quoted as saying 'It's easy.' ;-)

Great work big man and good luck on the rest of your adventure!


I think it is brilliant what your are doing. I'm wondering what type of pace you maintain and how much your bike weighs loaded. It sounds like you monitor your heart rate as well. How much food do you keep on the bike ? Best of luck and if you within 200 miles of me I will personally ride there to cheer you on!
posted by Tony from jackson, mi

Thanks for the pistachios!
posted by Jess from Tehran/Yazd

Good luck, were following your progress. Nice meeting you in Yazd.
posted by Jess, Velena, Elizabeth from Tehran

As an ageing cyclist I applaud and envy your obsession. keep pedalling!
posted by Rob Cummins from Fife

posted by AHHHH i did 26 miles last week and nearly died lol from dundee high school

And I thought John O' Groats to Lands End was a long way! Really impressed at what you are doing, will be checking this website to see how you get on. Best of luck!
posted by Suzanne Baylis from Stirling

As a weekend cyclist I greatly admire your concept of a "real" Grand Boucle. Vive Votre Monde Tour!
posted by Chris Coomber from Leeds

I applaud you I have read several books of cycle trips around the world but this is so much better and really exciting, I log on every day well done and good luck. Dee
posted by Dee from UK

Well done,keep going, more power to you. You're THE man!
posted by Richard Cooling from Huntingdon, UK

Following you with interest - too much interest perhaps as I feel myself pulled towards a similar adventure in the light of the intense envy I feel. Good luck and keep us posted.
posted by Anne McKay from Glasgow

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