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16 October 2014

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Mark Beaumont's Diary

Mark Beaumont

Despite adding about 2kg to his overall kit weight, Mark carried a laptop, GPS tracker, three cameras and a voice recorder to help him document his journey.

He sent us text messages and phoned from the road and whenever he passed through civilisation, he popped into internet cafés to email pictures and videos.

Hi From Another World!

Mark Beaumont, Wednesday, 12 September 2007.

5500km from Paris and I am in Tabriz in northern Iran. What a culture shock!

The last two weeks since Istanbul were amazing and I am very pleased to be on target until this point. Unfortunately I have just had my first slight delay. Over the border from Turkey I drank some bad water and ended up being very ill yesterday on my day off. In light of heading next into a very challenging stretch through southern Iran and into Pakistan I decided it was important to get well before getting back on the bike so took the extra day rest. I always thought that with a bit of 'mind over matter' I could cope and keep cycling through any illness but had never experienced what bad water does to your stomach. I could barely walk as I was so dizzy, let alone cycle a bike! Anyway, feeling much better and back on the road at daybreak tomorrow.

[A wee note - I have been speaking pigeon English for weeks and so if my sentence structure seems strange it is because I am finding it very strange writing and thinking in full sentences. Ha!]

Anyway, I do not have internet at my host's house and I am a guest at his friend's house now and so can not stay on the computer long.

In brief, Kurdistan in the east of Turkey was amazing cycling except the odd stone throwing by children and a few very scary slavering dogs.

Getting into Iran was no problem and it was a huge relief to be back on good roads after the gravel and potholes of eastern Turkey. However, the challenge here has been finding the food and water needed and simply communicating to sort out these basics. My overall impression of the Azerbaijan area of Iran has been of an amazingly welcoming and friendly people. Many western perceptions of the middle east could not be further from the truth in my experiences so far. I have been very lucky to be hosted by the family of a friend from Dundee whilst in Tabriz and I could not have been looked after better.

I really want to tell a list of stories of the amazing world I am in just now but must go as I am the guest.

My very best to all and I will try and check in soon with better banter!



hi mark, meeting you in tabriz was avery nice surprise for me. best wishes
posted by firooze from tabriz iran

Hey Mark, Ive been keeping track of your Journey..I personally find it really challenging and interesting...Wish you all the best.. Sapna.
posted by Sapna Sharma from Sheffield, UK

Mark really enjoying your travels...even if a bit envious
posted by geoff macdonald from new zealand

Well do But what would you say to the next daft person who is will to try what you did.
posted by Brendan from Ireland

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