A thrilling television documentary 'X-Alps,' narrated by Dougie Vipond and broadcast on BBC Two Scotland in October 2007.


The challenge of reaching the summit of the most challenging mountains isn't enough for some extreme sportsmen and women who are racing up, and then paragliding down from some of the world's most dangerous peaks.

'The world's most extreme race'

Walking in the Alps

Five years ago a team of leading extreme sports enthusiasts devised the ultimate test of strength, strategy and stamina. They created the 'X-Alps' - a gruelling two-week race from a mountain in Austria to the sea 850km away in Monaco.

Contestants cover some of the most forbidding terrain in Europe, mixing mountaineering, climbing and paragliding.

A field of 30 elite paragliding competitors battle against each other and all the dangers of the Alps as they attempt to conquer some of the most forbidding terrain in Europe.

Endurance and skill


During the summer of 2007, Scots couple Ulric and Ruth Jessop became the first ever Scottish team to enter this race. They run a self-catering business in the south of France, but spend much of their time and money training for and taking part in extreme events such as X-Alps.

Walking in the Alps

Ulric Jessop, 43, originally from Edinburgh, was up among 30 the competitors during the seventeen days it took to complete the race.

Ruth Jessop, 40, originally from Skye, provided the crucial logistical and moral support required for such a massive feat of endurance and skill.

Sleeping competitor, X-Alps

According to narrator Dougie Vipond, the couple, “Risk life, limb and their relationship to take on the most hard-core of extreme sports athletes.”

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