Wild Camping

There's a bit of a stink going down in the Scottish countryside: the Outdoor Access Code established the right to wild camp in law, but communities around Loch Rannoch and Loch Lomond are thoroughly fed up with the mess left behind by anti-social campers.

Wild Camping

Camping wild is one of the best ways to enjoy Scotland's fabulous scenery but some of Scotland's most beautiful areas are being spoiled by irresponsible camping. Every weekend hordes of people are heading for the hills and glens and setting up camp alongside lochs and rivers. But campers are leaving some rather unpleasant mementos behind them and now the authorities are having to step in and clean up.

Watch Nick's report on the player. Wild Camping On Landward. (opens new window)

You can also hear more about wild camping in this Grassroots special. Grassroots on wild camping. (opens new window)

Have you experienced the effects of anti-social campers or do you think a change in the law is taking things too far? Send your comments to us using the form below.

Page first published on Wednesday 27th June 2007
Page last updated on Friday 14th August 2009

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ilove to fish on the loch,it really gets up my nose the rubbish i see there is no need for this mess bag it and bin it is what i was always taught,i even see it on the islands,most annouing.

Alex Berry
I love the walk round Balloch park, it is shocking the amount of rubbish left by people. they would not treat thier house like this...

ronnie collins
loch lomond was one of my first camping trips. it must not be outlawed,maybe a stucture could be put in place with permits,fire pits,bins,toilets,educational signage,etc.glasgow has always had a special connection with loch lomond as a gateway to the countryside especially for the people with limted incomes.the few should not dictate to the many. ron

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