Challenge team : Swiss Highlanders

A team of five walkers with their two supporters travelled from Zurich to Fort William to take part in the 54 mile RBS Caledonian Challenge.

(l to r) Meili, Kennel, Kaps, Blunier and Cinek

The 'Swiss Highlanders' are Martin Meili, Kuno Kennel, Brigitte Kaps, Marc Blunier and Ali Cinek who all work in the same business unit of ABN AMRO Bank NV in Switzerland.
Their supporters Roland Munz and Stephane Zumello work alongside them.

Training in the Schwytz region of Switzerland

Brigitte Kaps, a Swiss Highlanders team member who works as a Corporate Communications Manager at ABN told Scotland Outdoors one week before the race, which took place in mid June: "It's long been a dream of mine to come to Scotland on vacation, and when we saw this challenge advertised on the company intranet we said - what a great idea - and decided on the spot to take part."

Schwytz, Switzerland

Brigtte added: "I don't know if we'll manage, but we're highly motivated and it'll be a great team effort. Raising money this way via a participation fee and sponsorship is a good thing. We only hope it's not raining and 18 or 20 degrees would be wonderful."

Swiss Highlander team members training in Switzerland

The team drove a hired support van from Edinburgh Airport to Fort William in time to register for the event and catch some sleep before the race started early on Saturday morning. They hoped to complete the event in 20 hours, and expected to arrive at the finish village around 6am.

Swiss Highlander team members training in Switzerland

Before the race, Brigitte added: "We are all fairly fit, but nobody in the team has ever walked 54 miles before. We've done walks together at the weekends, and the Swiss mountains are much higher than those in Scotland so we're used to a lot of ups and downs. The longest team training walk was 40km, which worked well but was really tough."

The team were ready to take plenty of pictures during their walk and we will keep you updated on their progress here. Their support team had prepared a 'motivational surprise' to make them recognisable as a Swiss team during the walk.

Schwytz region of Switzerland

Feel free to wish them luck, welcome them to Scotland or comment on their challenge via the comments form below!

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Page first published on Wednesday 18th June 2008
Page last updated on Wednesday 18th June 2008

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Sevgi Cinek
Good luck and all the best to the team members from Istanbul, Turkey.

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