Scotland's sea fishing industry

Scotland's sea fishing industry landed approximately £400m worth of fish in 2008 and employs more than 5,000 fishermen.

In this five-part series, Landward presenter Nick Nairn looks at the industry's impact on employment and its relationship with the EU, as well as asking how sustainable sea fishing is.

Nick Nairn interviews Ian Gatt, whitefish skipper and president of the Scottish Fishermen's Federation.

Nick takes a trip on a langoustine boat and finds out what the fishing industry does to keep its workers safe.

Nick finds out about the quality, variety and price of fish in Scotland's markets.

Nick looks at the thousands of land-based jobs that are dependent on the fishing industry for their survival.

Nick asks what the future might hold for Scotland's sea fishing fleet.

Page first published on Wednesday 23rd September 2009
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