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The four members of the Murray Donald Drummond Cook (MDDC) team write about their preparations for the 54 mile RBS Caledonian Challenge which took place on 14 June 2008.

The team offered to update Scotland Outdoors on their progress as they made ready for one of the most testing outdoor charity events of the summer.

MDDC team at a press call at RAF Leuchars (photo courtesy of Dee Day)

The group included Will Ross, a trainee solicitor who has been involved in long-distance walks since the age of 15 when he completed a 24 hour walk through the Ochil Hills. He used to run for Scotland until serious injury reduced him to 'just' ski-ing, walking and playing tennis. He regularly walks with his Jack Russell terrier Sally.

MDDC team at a press call at RAF Leuchars (photo courtesy of Dee Day)

Kenneth Gray is a partner in a law firm and father of two. He plays rugby and other sports, and was introduced to hillwalking by his wife Lindsey. A month before the race he told Scotland Outdoors: "I have no delusions about how hard this walk will be, the West in the middle of what will undoubtedly be a wet Scottish summer means only one thing, midges. Also my colleague Sue who did the event last year left me in no doubt as to what my now ageing knees and feet will have to endure."

Kevin Smith said: "I am hoping that this event will kick start a healthier lifestyle for both me and my family, something I've been threatening for a while but not actually achieving. With money being raised for a worthwhile cause into the bargain, everyone should be a winner."

MDDC team at a press call at RAF Leuchars (photo courtesy of Dee Day)

Claire Bairsto, an experienced long-distance walker who has completed both the West Highland and the Speyside Ways, told Scotland Outdoors a month before the race: "My routine has always started early, but it is even earlier with this new challenge. Now I will be getting up at 0500 - catch up with my own administration, go to the gym for 50 mins, walk Daisy Dog and set off for work at 0820. Mucking out the horse comes at the other end of the day! Now time is getting closer, I am beginning to realise WHAT a challenge this will be, but as our team title suggests, we are all mad, dogged, determined climbers and WILL achieve our goal!"

Page first published on Thursday 15th May 2008
Page last updated on Wednesday 18th June 2008

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Claire Bairsto
WE MADE IT and feel so proud to have achieved such a challenge! It was incredible - very gruelling, but we worked well as a team and our support crew was fantastic. Feet not too bad - and legs becoming less stiff today! Kevin was our team member who was unable to take part in the end as his Doctor had detected a heart problem. But Will, Ken and I did it and were really determined to 'crack on' and get it done! We feel good to have raised in excess of Ł2,000 now, which is great. We felt it was VERY well organised......superb event. The army and Scout movement were excellent and so cheery with us all and the cream on the cake was the physio and massage tent at the end! What a treat! We ended up on the STV 6.00pm news last night - Ken, Will and I were interviewed by a reporter/cameraman inbetween Checkpoint 2 and 3! I'll update you with more about our adventure soon. Claire

Helen Freer
Will watch out for you all as i am supporting a team of 4 walkers - we have 2 teams in the cally this year and one team is hoping to finish in under 15 hours. We work for Scottish and Newcastle and wish anyone who is walking good luck and it will all be over this time next week !

Andrew Murray
I am part of a four man team undertaking the Pennine challenge, 62 miles of hilly walking from edale to ickornshaw to be completed non-stop in 24hours on june 6/7th. As an Aberdonian i am aware the hills are a little different down here and wish you much luck in your venture. We are raising money for Cancer Research uk

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