Julie's diary: Only days to go

Julie outside the Science Centre in Glasgow

It's less than a day to go till the Ben Nevis Challenge!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and one team of friends in particular, consisting of Andrew Yule, Lisa Renwick, Rachael Gibson, John Pope, James Forbes and wheelchair leader David Burdus. This team really wants to win. I have seen their enthusiasm from the start and they have been keeping me informed of how their training has been going.
It doesn't seem that long ago since the training weekend. I definitely pushed my limit there and I got a chest infection afterwards but I seem to have mended quickly.

My only concern before the Ben Nevis climb is my legs. They were painful last week and I'm not expecting to reach even the half-way point because it is tough walking and the last thing I want is to sustain any kind of permanent muscle damage.

Most of the teams will be up at 4.45am to get there in plenty of time for the 6am start and to ensure that they are all well-equipped.

I'm thrilled to be taking part in the challenge as it's the first wheelchair-led team challenge to the top of Ben Nevis! I feeling fairly confident that the summit can be achieved if we get reasonable weather. Snow would prove a particular challenge there is any!

After the challenge there is to be a party and presentation to reward everyone for all the efforts they've put in. I'm looking forward to it, it should make it an event to remember!

Page first published on Wednesday 18th June 2008
Page last updated on Thursday 24th July 2008

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Julie McElroy
Hi Janice, thanks very much for the comment and the good luck wishes. How interesting my mum told you about me! I firmly believe that my current and future generation of disabled children should be given the same opportunities that I have gained in life. I hope your son will be inspired to go on and try some activities. I hope that I can stay involved and motivate and inspire youngsters to take up a challenge. I'm working that out at the moment! Thanks, Julie.

We were on Ben Nevis the same day and saw the teams at it. We were all super impressed.

Janice Somerville
Hi Julie, I first heard of you a few years ago from your mum while taking my son (now aged 5) to the dentist. He has cerebral Palsy and your mum was telling me a bit about your achievements. I have been watching you on Beyond Boundaries and have cried tears of joy at you sheer determination (especialy on the final programme) Good luck for todays Ben Nevis challenge XX

Janette Martindale
Julie - I've been watching your progress on Beyond Boundaries with awe - you are an inspiration! Good luck for the Ben Nevis Challenge - I will be walking the same route the day after - hopefully I won't meet you coming down!! Take care.

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