Julie's diary: Whatever the weather

Snow on Ben Nevis, May 2008 (image courtesy of Andrew Yule)

The weather will play a crucial part in the Ben Nevis Challenge. If it's fine and dry then I expect the teams pushing the wheelchairs to make good progress to the top.

However, the weather on Scottish mountains can change by the hour! As part of our preparations for the climb it was essential for myself and the teams involved that we familiarise ourselves with all sorts of conditions. On the training weekend in March we had excellent weather considering we had been expecting snow.

Snow on Ben Nevis, May 2008 (image courtesy of Andrew Yule)

Rachael Gibson, Lisa Renwick and Andrew Yule (members of one of the teams) went up Ben Nevis on the 24th of May to check what the snow level was like and take a look at the general conditions ahead of the Challenge. It was snowing.

I shouldn't have been surprised really because when I was involved in the planning stages of the Ben Nevis Challenge Ken Hames told me that Scotland's weather could be anything from snow to sunshine in May.

The weather forecast for the day of the event itself is for spells of sunshine and the maximum temperature 18 degrees Celsius. The wind is expected to come from the North West so it may be cool. This is good on one hand because it means the teams may work better and won't get too hot, but they have to take great care to ensure their wheelchair user is kept warm during the long hours on the mountain.

We'll need to wear layers and take everything from hats and gloves to waterproofs and spare jumpers.

So.. the day of the challenge is nearing. We shall see if the weather lives up to expectations?

Page first published on Wednesday 18th June 2008
Page last updated on Thursday 24th July 2008

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