Julie's diary: A slight setback

Well, the Ben Nevis Challenge is only 10 days away!

Julie inside the BBC offices at Pacific Quay in Glasgow

I have started to slow down the training for a number of reasons. Firstly, I use three times the amount of energy of an able bodied person to walk short distances and the Ben Nevis climb will inevitably push me to my limit again.

Also due to my nature of Cerebral Palsy, my left side is weaker meaning that I have decreased muscle tone which makes my left leg feel numb at times. This is known as hypotonia. As a result of this, I am slowing down the training so that I give my body rest and conserve energy for my ascent up Ben Nevis on May 31st.

Hillside on Ben Nevis

While I rest I'll have time to start treating my feet - I'll dip them into a bowl surgical spirits for 20 minutes then try to massage them in body lotion. The theory is that this will make my feet more supple. Two weeks ago when I went up the Whangie I got blisters on my feet so I hope the treatment will help avoid this - otherwise I’ll have to be stretchered off the mountains!!

I am truly looking forward to the Ben Nevis Challenge - last May it was just on a piece of paper. I can’t believe it's coming up so soon!

Page first published on Tuesday 20th May 2008
Page last updated on Thursday 24th July 2008

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