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Julie in the Andes

The time has finally arrived when I make my first TV debut on a programme called Across the Andes: Beyond Boundaries. This four-part series features 10 physically disabled teenagers, myself included, all pushing our strength and endurance to the limit as we cross the Andes. It took us four weeks to make our way from the edge of the Amazon Basin, through swamps then climb more than 5km over the highest active volcano in the world and back down to the Pacific Ocean.

I am immensely proud of my involvement in Beyond Boundaries - I am overwhelmed with emotion with the fact I have completed one of my toughest challenges to date and now I am looking for my next one! The physical and mental journey across Ecuador is one I shall never forget however my determination and positive attitude got me to the end. I gained the utmost respect for Ken Hames, he gave the willpower to overcome my fatigue – he is an incredible guy.

I hope that I'll be able to share the lessons I learned from that expedition with others in years to come - they will certainly be of use in the trip up Ben Nevis at the end of May.

I hope you get a chance to watch the series and find it inspiring - it's being broadcast on Friday evenings at 2100 BBC TWO Scotland, starting on the 9th of May. Let me know what you think!

Page first published on Tuesday 6th May 2008
Page last updated on Thursday 24th July 2008

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Julie. I watched all the programmes and you are a hero. You and the others have helped me understand something about myself, that is, it's not always what we believe our 'problem' to be that is the challenge in our life, sometimes it's something we never considered. What I saw was people who wished to conquer something physical within themselves, but who really conquered an underlying problem not just physical but emotional and mental too - a problem they didn't know they had. Best wishes to you and yours.

We watched it last week and we will be glued to the rest of the series. Julie, you are AMAZING! We watch the programme and feel so impressed and proud of you and the team! Much love to you from our wee family!xxxxxxxx

Dave Warwick
Hi Julie, Beyond Boundaries episode 1 was brilliant! Well done mate! - and reading your diary was enthralling (there's a link to it on Zu's website). Keep it up gal! Best Wishes. Dave (Zu's Dad).

Hi Julie, I watched the first episode of your monumental journey last Friday on BBC2 and your sheer determination, courage and darn right refusal to let anything stop you in achieving your goal brought tears to my eyes. You are an inspiration! I shall be turning in this Friday to watch as your journey continues and to be amazed again at what a unique and truly remarkable individual you are. I wish you well in all your future life adventures...I'm sure this is just the beginning.warm wishes, sarah.

Florence Kyalo
Hi Julie,I was in the introduction to database class with you at Paisley Uni. I watched last weeks programme and i am looking forward to next weeks. I think you were all great and it must have taken alot of courage and determination to go complete the programme.You should be proud of yourself and i wish you all the best in the next one.

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