Event Photography

Great photographs can be taken at outdoor events. Scotland is home to many different events, from large agricultural shows to local galas, each providing many opportunities for the budding photographer.

The key to getting great photographs is to plan your trip in advance: think about what types of photos you want; what the subject matter will be; shot sizes; and whether you want action shots.

Scotland Outdoors met wildlife cameraman Philip Price at the Royal Highland Show to get some tips on how to get the best possible photographs from your day out.

Get down to eye level with your subject - whether you are photographing animals or young family members - as this captures a better perspective. If your subject looks at the camera, this will engage the viewer with the picture. Bear in mind, however, that animals may be startled by a camera flash. Be aware of potential dangers when working close to livestock.

Outdoor eating areas present many opportunities to the photographer because of the wildlife they attract. Be on the look out for potential shots of people too.

Regardless of the type of event you're attending, you can always find places to photograph wildlife.

Page first published on Thursday 16th July 2009
Page last updated on Thursday 3rd September 2009


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