Challenge team : Cry me a Spartan

A Dundee-based team laid down the gauntlet to other teams as they prepared to win the Caledonian Challenge, a 54 mile endurance walking race.

Caledonian Challenge team 'Cry me a Spartan' training in a Dundee park

Cry me a Spartan are a team of four men working in the Finanical Services industry, three of whom are based in and train together in Dundee.

They are made up of Benjamin Elston, 23, a qualified ski and snowboard instructor. Laurie Don, 26, who has taken part in the Caledonian Challenge on three previous occasions and plays drums in two bands. Sam Ford, 24, who is a self-confessed gym addict and completed the Challenge in 2007, and John Gilmore who used to work with the others at the Alliance Trust in Dundee.

Six weeks before the race, Benjie told BBC Scotland Outdoors : "I think it's safe to say we are all fitness junkies; we all go the gym regularly and are pretty competitive. The team is very keen to perform well and hopefully win the prize of fastest financial services team."

Caledonian Challenge team 'Cry me a Spartan' training in a Dundee park

Scotland Outdoors met three members of the Cry me a Spartan team in their office in Dundee's city centre, from where the team headed to a local park to show off their paces.

Watch a video of Cry me a Spartan in training

Read their training updates and add your own comments here.

Page first published on Tuesday 22nd April 2008
Page last updated on Tuesday 23rd December 2008

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Was that a DON DIP, or did he just trip?

something tells me you need to up your cardio lads. 'THIS, IS, CALAAAAAAAA'!!!

Sam on phone to no one for an hour haha

Steven C
Wayy fordy got suit jacket on when answering office phone ROFL

Steve Hayes
Benjie, After a tuff training session don’t forget to relax with that Nutella face pack.

Go Sam !

comeon sam u sho them

Culture Beat
Call him Mr.Vain? Lets hope there are no mirrors on this challenge or there could be some serious hair related delays x

Steven C
Maybe up the protein intake...weak chest development

Craig Moncur
Benjie, Can I Have Your Babies?

pointer sisters
You all need serious work done and could do with losing a few pounds

its the village people on acid

Andy Z
It's now only a matter of time before the TV talent spotters pick you up. Can I be your agent?

ADONIS've done the Bacon Roll Run after all

CMAS Administrator
Competition is a way of life! Laurie Don received Gold for completing the Challenge on all 3 previous occasions.

Get a grip lads

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