'Bioblitz' finds nature

Dalzell Estate in Motherwell hosted Scotland's first ever 'Bioblitz' event. Volunteers joined wildlife experts in a race against time to identify and record as many species as possible in a 24 hour biological survey.


The event was organised by Biological Recording in Scotland, BRISC, under the umbrella of the Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership. The main purpose of the event was to stimulate interest in recording wildlife by recording the local biodiversity. Data on bats, birds, badgers, ancient, trees, invertebrates, bees, wildflowers, lichens and moths are among the 26 science based recording events taking place.

Recorders managed to identify and record 478 different species within the 24 hours in what appears to be a new British record. Included int he results are 3 breeding pairs of Nuthatch, Blackcap, Leopard Slug, Budapest Slug, four very uncommon species of Barkfly, Northern Marsh Orchid and a stunning Poplar Hawkmoth.


More importantly Bioblitz managed to establish records for the site, which previously was under-recorded so the efforts of everyone has contributed to nearly 500 different species being recorded, most of which have never been at the Dalzell Estate.

Full details of the Bioblitz records will be made available on the BRISC website. Log onto www.brisc.org.uk to find out more.

Page first published on Friday 20th July 2007
Page last updated on Monday 7th July 2008


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