Archery in Scotland

Archery target

Whether you are interested in social recreation or taking part in fiercely-fought competitions, archery can be enjoyed by almost everyone. It is possibly the only sport where beginners can compete right next to Olympians!

National bodies


The Scottish Archery Association (SAA) is affiliated to the national governing body, the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS). They are also associated to the Scottish Sports Association and SportScotland. There are about 50 clubs throughout Scotland, serving the most densely populated areas. Most clubs offer target archery, however, there may also be facilities to enable you to take part in field archery.

Getting started


Contact the Regional Administrator of the SAA to find out where your local club is located and whether they offer courses for beginners.

All equipment will be provided by the club, so you won't need to supply anything until you are ready to buy your own. It is recommended that you do not buy equipment until you have sought the advice of the club coach or an experienced club member.

At the end of your beginner's course (which should take 4-6 weeks) you will be invited to join the club, and to affiliate to the SAA.


Archery is a very safe sport because participants adhere to strict safety guidelines published by GNAS. These guidelines are followed to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.

Each club night there will be a designated member who will act as 'Field Captain' in control of the shooting, and whose instructions must be followed strictly.

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