Bringing Wagyu to Scotland

Landward presenter Dougie Vipond meets a group of Caithness farmers keen to break into the premium Wagyu beef market, despite never having tasted the product. He finds out how their plans are progressing and offers them the chance to put their mouths where their money is...

Wagyu, a Japanese delicacy, is the world's most expensive beef; steaks demand the highest prices and even a burger could set you back £50. A group of local farmers keen to break into this premium market are creating a new herd by inseminating Aberdeen Angus cows with imported Wagyu semen.

Caithness AI expert Willie Mackay guides Dougie through the process of insemination in this video, filmed in September 2009.

Page first published on Thursday 10th September 2009
Page last updated on Thursday 17th September 2009




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