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29 October 2014
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Wildlife Map fish_invert Great Skua
The white-tailed sea eagle is the fourth-largest eagle in the world.
Latin Name: Haliaeetus albicilla

Gaelic Name: Iolair Sùil na Grèine, or Iolair-mhara.

The eagle with the sunlit eye, or sea eagle.

Statistics: Body length 70-90cm, wingspan 2-2.4m, weight 3.1-6.9kg.

Physical Description: Sea eagles are very large, broad-winged eagles with a wedge-shaped tail. Their plumage is mainly brown, but the adult has a pale head and a white tail. The head and the beak are larger than that of the golden eagle. The eyes, beak and talons are bright yellow.
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Scottish Distribution: Mull, Skye, the Small Isles and the far west mainland.

Habitat: Their preferred habitat is rocky coasts. Further inland, they may also inhabit areas such as remote lakes and marshes.

Diet: Sea eagles are scavengers and feed on carrion, although they will also hunt seabirds, fish that swim near the surface, and medium-sized mammals.

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