The Aliens


The Aliens dropped into Studio One to record a session for The Vic Galloway Show on Monday 6th of October. Bringing their unique extra terrestrial sound with huge melodies and harmonies, we were on hand to film the session and you can now watch the band rock out with "Billy Jack" or take in the more sombre mood of "Theremin".

Your Comments

amazin....even for my one year old son

ali mcd
robin jones is a drumming influence...

Professor Eagle Owl
Sheer class, certainly one of the highlights on the new album, and indeed live!!. Gordon Anderson has got to be the most under rated song writer of his generation. Genius.

Yeah, you see: Theremin - pure spine-chillin' magic, man! Gordon, you done good. Come over anytime old friend. Bring the band. Let's have a party. See you soon. Always welcome, etc. See you.

brilliant!when you guys comin to swansea!make my year that would!

Alan Jennings
I thought that was a magic show. The band sounded great and the banter was fun. The fact that I got my name mentioned on air was just the cat's whiskers. Thanks!

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