Tattie Toes


A Basque singer, a Welsh violinist, a bass player from Bolton and a drummer who is also a puppeteer - it could only be Tattie Toes. Meet one of Glasgow's most interesting bands, in our short film documenting their Studio One Session.

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They came to Liverpool several times and astonished everyone who heard them. Come back soon please.

mike fahy
you've come a long way Howie !

Why can we not watch this in France?

I've seen this lot a couple o times, a real breath of fresh air in a stale environment. Beautiful music, beautiful people.

a warm and well put together band filmed in a warm and well put together scenario, it would seem. there's no bull about this band. just clever without needing to be so. 4 great musicians and a common goal.. a must-see live act!!!

Robert Johnston
Top notch stuff!

this potato foot fingers band sound pretty cool! great wee film, shame there's not more of it.

Tattie toes are, genius, thrilling, and ethereal. Makes me feel like I'm looking at the sky whilst digging my toes in the earth, strangely satisfying.

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