Kat Flint


Kat's in session on Monday 29th June. You can now listen back to her session here - including her cover of MGMT's "Time To Pretend"

Your Comments

found her on cd single like her voice

great cover version of a great song and the lyrics are really good - just shows you shouldn't judge a pop band by their face paint and leather jackets! :P

Amber Regis
Fabulous, as always!

mister manson
great sound and voice. like the cover more than the original. fantatic...

Superb - Look forward to the next album and/or tour, be it Kat Flint or Shipwrecked or whoever

Neal Handley
Wow... goose bumps.

loved the Kat Flint session - she's extraordinarily talented and deserves more airplay / worldwide fame and domination... well done all round

Tom Niland
Gorgeous sound and quality songs. As for the name change, forget it. That was Kat Flint and no other name will do the music justice.

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