Idlewild are in session on Monday 26th October 2009. Watch video from the session here now including "Younger Than America" - a web exclusive.

As some of you pointed out, on the video of "Younger Than America" we accidentally dubbed over the album version of the track. This was simply a mistake on our part and we've now replaced it with the correct sound. Sorry about that, red faces all round here at the BBC.

Your Comments

Cannot get over the beard. It's sort of excellent.

Thanks for putting the correct version of Younger Than America on - worth waiting for. BTW, I think it's time you got some Windolene on those screens - someone has very mucky paw prints!

Paul Briden
Great song from a great album. Roddy looks like a dishevelled confederate soldier.Put him in a colonel uniform of that era, and the hair cut and beard would match. Not in my view a great image to sell records,but hey its a free world.

Superb session!

wullie forsyth
diffrent class from roddie n theboys

Roddy looks like Tom Hanks in Castaway, get yer beard shaved!

I will resist the temptation to make comment about facial hair and will instead say thanks for putting these on - wonderful stuff, especially Quiet Crown.

Brilliant band playing to their strengths. Su-poib.

"The Quiet Crown" sounds amazing but why oh why have you dubbed over "Younger Than America" with the studio version?? Where's the live version?

it's the album version :/

It's beardtastic!


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